Best Dog Food for Beagles

Best Dog Food for Beagles


Why wouldn’t you love beagles? They can read your brains, can make your day, and are happy to run with you to any lengths. In this discussion, however, it is not the beagle breed’s loyalty that is under question. Rather, we are more interested in finding out how you are treating your good boys and girls. And one way of gauging your love and affection is to find out what you are feeding your beagle. Now, this is not a criticism but some dog owners are not even aware of the basic nutritional requirements of the beagles. And this discussion is especially important for that lot! Learn with us about, first the key points about beagle’s diet, and then the best dog food for beagles available commercially.

The buyer’s guide

It makes sense to talk first, about the key considerations that you should keep in mind while shopping for the best dog food for beagles, and then the actual products. And so we talk about these considerations in the following lines.

1- Calorie requirement

Let us some crunch numbers first, which will give you an idea about how much dog food you need to buy for your beagle as well. Typically, 30 calories per one pound of the total body weight is the formula used to calculate the total number of calories that your beagle needs to stay happy and bouncy. But we will not want you to strictly adhere to these calculations. Tell you what, divide your beagle’s meals in such a manner that your dog is getting at least 600-700 calories per day. This is because beagles are a smaller breed of dogs, and consequently, need more in terms of calories since they are more active and bouncing about.

2- Macronutrients

As you can guess, the primary ingredient in any dog food product is protein. But that doesn’t mean that your beagle pup or boy doesn’t need other vitamins and supplements. Of course, it does, which is why you will need to choose a product that is not just all about proteins. There are still a couple of things that you need to know about the protein requirement of your beagle though. First, it is great if the primary protein source in your beagle’s diet is deboned chicken, beef, or lamb meat/meal. Secondly, go for only those dog food products that are enriched with proteins coming from animal sources only, rather than plants. So, what we are saying is, stay clear of dog foods that feature soy proteins. Fats and carbs are important as well, but they can put your dog at the risk of obesity, so too much of these macronutrients is certainly not good.

3- Fortification

Common fortification themes that you must be aware of are probiotics, prebiotics, glucosamine, and chondroitin. These add great value to your dog’s food and are great for most breeds. What is the added value, you must be wondering? Well, probiotics are bacteria that keep your dog’s digestive system running smoothly while prebiotics is the feed of probiotics. Yeah, you read that right. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that has a scientifically established role in keeping your dog’s joints fully functional. Chondroitin, a sulfated glycosaminoglycan, has a key role in preventing your cartilage from breaking down. But the fortification story isn’t here. You need to make sure that the dog food formula you are choosing is supplemented with enough vitamins and antioxidants as well.

4- No hidden ingredients

Read the label. This is the takeaway lesson from you in this section. More often than not, cryptic descriptions of surprise ingredients that promise to make your dog active are misleading. We want you to stay a hundred miles away from such products. Go for what makes sense to you, your dog can’t comprehend these matters, even if the loud bark suggests that!

Top dog foods for beagles

That will do. We think you are fully ready to learn about the best in business. So, without further ado, let us talk about top dog foods for beagles, ones that are going to make your dog wild with happiness. Here are our top five picks in the category of top dog food for beagles!

1- Taste of the wild dog food

Taste of the wild dog foodLet us start with this top of charts product that can make any beagle wiggle its tail with excitement. The primary ingredient, or the first ingredient as some people like to call it, is roasted buffalo. Quite a rich source of proteins, we dare say! But that is not all that defines protein content. There is a decent quantity of lamb meal and chicken meal as well. So, we daresay, your canine friend will be more than happy to gobble down this dog food, simply because of its high protein percentage. But like we said earlier as well, you should not forget about other macronutrients as well. What about carbs then? Well, the major percentage of carbs in this dog food comes from sweet potatoes, and peas make up the rest of the carb content. But we know you are looking for something more than these specs to convince you entirely. Why don’t you check out what we have got for you in the pros section?


1- Rare protein sources like roasted bison, roasted venison, etc.

2- Ocean fish meal, for providing the much needed fatty acids.

3- Supplemented with probiotics.

4- Made in the USA

5- Folic acid supplemented

Not So Good

1- Nothing much wrong with the dog food formula itself, but the customer care needs improvement.

2- Orijen Regional Red

Orijen Regional RedThe dog food for beagles under discussion comes from a very famous brand, one that churns out some of the best dog food recipes available in the market right now. Coming towards this specific product that is tailored to suit the needs of your beagle, the primary ingredient here is deboned beef. And then there are 16 more ingredients of meaty nature! Some of these can make your beagle’s mouth water instantaneously, for example, deboned boar, goat, and lamb meat. To be honest, your dog will try to snatch it out of your hand the moment you buy it, it is that good! Some other reasons can make you fall in love with this dog food formula as well. For example, won’t you like your precious beagle dog to have only the fresh/raw ingredients? The manufacturers of this fine dog food formula were careful about this side of things also.

We are not going to spill all the beans about this fascinating product here though. There is plenty more that you can learn about the Regional Red in the pros and cons section.


1- Contains not only the muscle meat but organ meat and cartilage as well.

2- Major calorie percentage comes from protein sources

3- 20 percent of calories are coming from carbs, which shows the nutritional balance of the food.

4- Three different prebiotic strains

Not So Good

1- You will need more cash in your mind than what you have in your mind because this is pricey dog food.

3- Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog FoodBlue Buffalo is yet another popular dog food brand, which has made a name for itself by simply being mindful of the dietary requirements of every breed. The dog food product under discussion is a great choice for your beagle for many reasons. The primary ingredient in this dog food is deboned beef, which by now you should know is a very high-quality protein source. Apart from that, the beef meal is also added to provide the required protein percentage. But the thing which we loved the most about this product has to be the fact that it is a grain-free product. More often than not, beagles can become a victim of allergic reactions, simply because of the presence of grains that they don’t like. And even though this has not been established as a “happens every single time” event, we will warn you to remain wary of products that feature too many grains.


1- A made in USA product

2- Canola oil, which is a source of fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acid

3- Flaxseed, a source of omega-6 fatty acid

4- Supplemented with essential amino acids

5- Probiotic supplementation

Not So Good

1- Expensive price tag.

4- Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight RecipeBeagles simply love to eat. And while that is because of a scientific reason which we will talk about more later in this discussion, it doesn’t take the risk of your puppy becoming obese to go away. So, if your beagle dog has eaten so much in the past that weight is now an issue, you need to go for something like this dog food from Blue Buffalo under discussion. You can think of this product as a weight healthy recipe, one that takes care of your dog’s nutrition in a controlled but tasty manner. We know you are getting a little impatient about the ingredient list, so we will talk about the main components of this dog formula now. The first ingredient in this formula is something that beagles simply love to devour i.e. deboned chicken. Then, to ensure that your beagle is getting the essential carbs, complex carbohydrate sources like whole grains are added. Earlier in this discussion, we talked about the importance of dietary supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin. We are happy to report that this dog food product has both.


1- Fruits and veggies added, which provide more nutritional value

2- Has all the necessary vitamins

3- Amino acids like L-lysine and L-creatinine

4- Probiotic supplementation

Not So Good

1- Out of stock more often than not.

5- Solid Gold Holistic Dry Dog Food

Solid Gold Holistic Dry Dog FoodLast in our list, but as good as the first one. To avoid redundancy, we are going to talk about the spec that is unique to this dry dog food product only. The primary ingredient of this dry dog food is Pollock. Then, another feature unique to this formula is the presence of superfoods, and not just a couple mind you. There are more than 20 different superfoods added to this dog food formula. We are talking about premium quality berries and almonds here!


1- Enriched with essential fatty acids

2- Brown rice, which is a great source of carbs

3- Zinc supplementation

4- Probiotic supplementation

Not So Good

1- Taste can take some time to kick in.


1- What beagles can’t eat?

We know all of you dog owners said chocolate in your mind when you read this question. But there is plenty more that you should not feed your beagle. Included in this list of forbidden fruits are items like onions, raisins, macadamia nuts, and xylitol containing food items.

2- Is Royal Canin good for beagles?

Ah! You ask about that one product we could not fit into this list of best dog foods for beagles. Yes, Royal Canin is indeed a dog food that is designed with the beagle breed’s dietary requirements kept in mind. So, yeah, you can go for that option as well.

3- What human food can beagles eat?

MANY. If it is treated that you have got in mind, we will suggest you add carrots to your beagle’s dietary schedule. Bound to improve the vision!

4- Are eggs ok for beagles?

They can, and this is why some of the commercially prepared dog food formulas feature eggs in them. However, we will advise you to not overdo things since there is a chance eggs can lead to an allergic reaction.

5- Why do beagles love food so much?

There is a scientific answer to this question, don’t look too surprised some of you! Beagles are a breed that can’t regulate their appetite like the other canine species. So, they are bound to eat more as well.


Well, folks, that would be all for now. We hope that you learned loads of new facts about beagles and their dietary requirements from this discussion. One last word of advice before we bid you farewell from this discussion, do keep the health problems of the beagle breed in mind when you are out shopping for the best dog food for your puppy. We have run out of space and time we had allocated for this article, otherwise, we would have briefed you a bit about the nutrients that can help you keep these problems at bay. Well, maybe another time? Till then, it is goodbye from us!

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