Best Dog Food for Dachshunds

Best Dog Food for Dachshunds


Do you know what the word Dachshunds means? For those of you who didn’t know, this is a German word that means badger dog. This is also one of the more popular names given to this dog breed, Dachshunds are also known as sausage dogs. Do many people doubt if this breed makes lovable pets or not? And frankly speaking, we are disappointed when people doubt the intentions of these dogs.

They might be small in stature, but they will take on any challenge! Quite a courageous tribe of canine friends that is willing to take on any challenge for their masters! But in this discussion, it is not the dog’s intentions that are under discussion. Rather, we are more concerned about what you have been feeding your dachshund all this time if you are a proud master of one of these pooches!

There are specific requirements for this breed, and in this discussion, we talk about these needs. Not only that, but we also talk about the best dog foods for dachshunds available currently in the market. Lots to learn from this discussion, provided you stick with us till the end!

The buying guide!

Before we talk about the best dog food products available in the market, we would like to talk about the factors that you need to be mindful of, when you are shopping for a product of this nature. For the sake of convenience, we are going to talk about these factors separately in the following sections of this discussion.

1- Calorie requirement

Let us start with the basics then. What is the minimum that a dachshund needs to keep life going? Well, because this breed house dogs smaller in stature, one can easily make an educated guess that the calorie requirement will be certainly lesser than other breeds e.g., boxers which need a minimum of 1500 calories at least. In this case, the minimum calorie requirement is around 600 calories in the case of puppies, while the number drop downs to 470 calories when we are talking about the senior boys. As one would expect, the highest amount of calories is required in the most energetic adult stage i.e. around 900 calories.

2- Macronutrients

In this section of the discussion, we are going to talk about the dietary requirements of your dachshund. Whenever we talk about dog food, the first question that must be asked is about the protein content. The important consideration in this regard is that the protein sources should be more animal-based than the plant-based ones. And the reason is quite simple.

Plant source proteins such as soy can lead to lead allergic reactions, the canine digestive system is just not compatible with too much of this stuff. So, move to the next product if you see something like soy listed on the label. How much protein does a dachshund need? Good question, a minimum of 18 percent of the overall dog food formula should be composed of proteins. But no harm if you notch that percentage up to 20-22 percent.

Done with proteins, but what about carbs? How many carbs does an average dachshund need? Well, the actual number varies from one dog to another dog. However, the requirement is not as big as proteins. Our recommendation would be to go for a dog food that features complex carbohydrates. If you don’t know any, just pick the product that says sweet potatoes on the label! And as far as fat goes, anything more than 8 grams of that stuff will just make your dog obese!

3- Health concerns

Being cognizant of the health risks that your dog breed faces is the responsibility of every dog owner. And dachshunds are certainly not exempt from this basic dog right! In this section of the discussion, we are going to talk about the specific health concerns that you should be aware of, concerning the dachshund’s breed of dogs. The prime concern is, of course, obesity. It Will does not take a lot to gain a few KGs, that pup of yours!

How does that link with the dog food you are buying? One wrong move (like buying the fat-loaded formulas) and you will expose your canine friend to the evil of obesity. However, that is not all. Joint problems are common with dogs as well. If you want your canine friend to be active and agile for a long time, then choose the dog food that features EPA and glucosamine. Chondroitin is also supposed to work in the favor of your friend, so do lookout for a product that has that as well!

4- How much dog food should you buy?

Just because you saw your friend’s dog is happy with one meal per day, don’t expect that from your dachshund! The metabolism rates of the breed under discussion are too fast to be compared with big beasts. So, when we say that you will possibly have to feed your pup something like three to four meals a day, don’t be too startled! However, with age, the number of meals can be adjusted, only if your pooch agrees on reducing the portions of course!

Top dog foods for dachshunds

We are finally in a position to discuss the best dog foods for dachshunds, a strong foundation has been laid! Without further suspense, here are the top five dog foods for your dachshund!

1- Wellness CORE natural grain-free dog food


Wellness CORE natural grain-free dog foodAs the name of the product tells you, this is a grain-free formula. If you are not aware of the complications that grains can create in the canine digestive system, we doubt if you will be able to appreciate the sense of relief attached to this statement. Even though this dog food is grain-free, it contains enough fiber to ensure the smooth functioning of your canine’s digestive system.

We know you are getting a bit impatient about the main ingredients, so presently, we will shift our focus towards the primary ingredients of this dog food formula. The primary source of protein in this dog food is deboned turkey. We got to tell you this, dachshunds love the taste of that! Then, there are turkey and chicken meals, which can make your puppy drool immediately. For carbohydrate supplementation, peas and potatoes are added. For fat addition, chicken fat and flaxseed are added to this dog food product as well.

Because we have got four other products to discuss as well, we have recapped the prominent features of this dog food in the pros and cons section.


1- Probiotics included, which means smooth functioning of your dog’s digestive system.
2- Prebiotics included, which are the food of beneficial bacteria.
3- No wheat or corn allergens.
4- A made in the USA product.

Not So Good

1-The price is as high as the quality of this dog food.

2- Blue Buffalo life protection small breed fish & brown rice

The primary protein source in this dog food formula is fish. And dachshunds love a bit of fish. So, if you opt for this product, you will make a very wise move indeed. But deboned fish is not the only protein source featured in this product. There is a turkey meal added as well. Flaxseed, which provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is also added to this dog food for dachshunds. Other key elements found in this tongue-licking dog food include berries, amino acids like L-lysine and L-carnitine, and vitamins like vitamin B3, B2, and B5 to name a few!


1- Mineral fortification.
2- Probiotic fortification.
3- Affordable product, especially when put in comparison with other products in the market.
4- Made in the USA.

Not So Good

1- More meat sources for protein are one improvement that we think manufacturers need to think about as well.

3- NUTRO adult small breed dog food

NUTRO adult small breed dog foodWant quality at an affordable price for your dachshund? Look no further, this dog food is the perfect choice for your good boy. The primary protein source in the case of this dog food formula is chicken & a dash of chicken meal. So far, the products that we have discussed were grainless. However, this one is an exception. This formula comes with whole-grain oatmeal and whole brown rice.

Now, while this might not be good news if your dachshund is prone to allergic reactions. But if the case is otherwise, then you have bought your pooch a right little treat. You see, these ingredients are rich sources of carbohydrates. A decent amount of proteins, excellent carb percentage, and all the necessary vitamins such as B6, B12, B2, and D3. Seriously, can’t be asking for more than that under this price tag!


1- Abundance of antioxidants, which boost your dog’s immune system.
2- Biotin supplemented, which is good news for your pooch’s skin.
3- Mineral supplemented (copper supplementation).
4- Natural flavors
5- Easily affordable.

Not So Good

1- No probiotics, which have been a regular feature in this list so far.

4- Taste of the wild dog food

Taste of the wild dog foodWe know that by this point in the discussion, you are interested in specs rather than stories. So, we will cut to the chase, and start with the fact that this dog food is suitable for adult dogs only. The primary ingredient, or the first ingredient as some nutritionists like to call it, is venison. Other key ingredients of this dog food product include lamb meal, lentils, duck meal, and egg products. For more dirt on this product, let us jump to the pros and cons section.


1- Probiotics supplementation.
2- Kibble size is small, which is perfect for your dachshund.
3- Digestibility is great.
4- A rare protein source i.e., venison.

Not So Good

1- Too expensive.

5- Wellness complete health small breed dog food

Wellness complete health small breed dog foodAllow us to use that cliché one last time! Last but not least! One word that describes this last product in our list aptly is wholesome. There are no additives that pose a risk to your canine friend’s digestive system, neither are there any innutritious ingredients. Coming towards the composition, the first ingredient, in this case, is deboned turkey. Other key ingredients include chicken meal, salmon meal, and chicken fat. Potatoes provide necessary carbs, while salmon oil and flaxseed provide the minimum fat content needed.


1- No wheat or soy added which can pose allergic risks to your dog.
2- Perfect kibble size for a dachshund.
3- Supplemented with fruits.
4- Affordable

Not So Good

1- Customer service needs a bit of an improvement.


We know that at this point in the discussion, your mind is bubbling with questions of all sorts. It is natural, and we get you! This is why we are going to answer some of your most frequently asked questions in the following lines of this discussion.

1- Which ones are the forbidden fruits for my dachshund?

If you are in this field for long, you will know that chocolate is an absolute no-no for your dog. However, there are other forbidden fruits as well. For example, you cannot feed your dog salmon or peanut butter either.

2- What do I feed my dachshund puppy?

Nothing in terms of meat that you will not feed your fellow humans!

3- Which fruits are OK for dachshunds?

Some of the fruits you can feed your dachshund include apples, and bananas, and berries. Refrain from feeding them avocados.

4- How do I avoid the anal gland problem common in dachshunds?

If you opt for a dog food that your dog can easily digest, chances are less that your canine friend will have to face this problem.

5- Which one of these products is best for my dog?

The answer to this question varies from one dog to another, so we will refrain from launching into the details that might not be specific to your dog. However, do choose the one that comes with maximum protein content.


Well, folks, that would be all for now. There is so much more to talk about dachshunds and their dietary requirements, it will take a couple more discussions like these to cover the topic completely! Unfortunately, we have run out of space for this particular discussion. Nevertheless, we hope that you learned something new from this discussion and on that optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this discussion!

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