Best Dog food for Yorkies

Best Dog food for Yorkies


Yorkies are not a breed that came into existence just a decade ago. These cute little beasts were developed first in the 19th century in Yorkshire, hence the name Yorkies. While there is no disagreement on the cuteness of these little furballs, there is widespread confusion as to which dog foods are best for Yorkies. This confusion stems from the very basic unawareness about the nutritional requirements of Yorkies. Given the number of misleading articles that are doing more harm than good, we thought it was about time someone comprehensively covered the dietary requirements of Yorkies. And that is how we started penning down this article! We can promise you that if you stay with us till the very end, you and your Yorkie pup are going to learn so much that you don’t know right now.

The Buyer Guide

Before we talk about some of the best dog food products for Yorkies available commercially right now in the market, we would love to discuss the nutritional requirements of a Yorkie dog. It makes sense as well, not much of a point learning about the best formulas in the business without being aware of the basic dietary requirements, is there? So, in the following sections, we briefly talk about the considerations that you need to keep in mind when you are purchasing the best dog food for your Yorkie friend.

1- Nutrient requirement

Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, the usual routine. But it is in the finer details which you need to know more about. For example, Yorkies love protein coming from animal sources, specifically from the muscular tissues. Here, we are talking about protein coming from sources like chicken, fish, and turkey. Oh, and a bit of beef won’t hurt either. Coming towards carbohydrates, your choice should be complex carbs. Always good to read on such stuff, but if you are a bit short on time, you can simply go with a Yorkie dog food formula that features brown rice or sweet potatoes. Be careful with the carb quantity though, you don’t want to be feeding your adorable pet more than the threshold limit, otherwise, you will be just flirting with the danger. And if you are desirous of seeing your Yorkie’s coat shine bright like a diamond, you will need to choose a formula that is enriched with fatty acids, something with a dash of fish oil for example.

2- How much do you need to buy?

A good question if you were wondering about this aspect of the whole affair as well. But let us rephrase this question in a manner that will help you understand the answer better. How much does your Yorkie eat? There, there. Now you can easily answer this question by yourself as well. But we will still help you with this one. It is estimated that on average, the minimum requirement for Yorkies is 30 calories/pound of their body weight. But for puppies, the number is somewhere around 40 calories. So, buy dog food while keeping your canine friend’s specific requirement in mind, as far as how much question is concerned.

3- Allergy considerations

Yorkies are probably one of the most sensitive breeds, in terms of food items these adorable beasts are allergic too. They might be small in stature, but you still need to be mindful of any allergens that might be there in the dog food you are choosing for them. For example, corn or soy is a big no-no since these can lead to an allergic reaction, as are proteins not coming from animal sources. Oh, and any dog food that comes with cooked bones is forbidden fruit as well.

4- Wet vs. dry comparison

There are two reasons why we are going to go with dry food over wet food here. One, this breed has a very jointed set of teeth, which is why the risk of wet food getting stuck in between the teeth is higher than ever. For another, wet food is just water in more than 60 percent of the cases. So, your puppy or senior good boy is missing out on all the important nutrients. Dry kibble won’t get stuck, it is enriched with all the nutrients in decent numbers and to be very honest with you, is far more convenient to feed as well!

Top five dog foods for yorkies


1- Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Yorkshire terrier Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Yorkshire terrier Dry Dog FoodWe don’t believe in rankings. You should know that all five dog foods we are going to discuss in this list are equally good in terms of quality. But if, and only if, we were forced on gunpoint to pick one of these dog foods for Yorkies, we would have gone with the Royal Canin dry dog food. It’s one of the most popular choices all around the world, and the reason for this fame stems from the fact that utmost attention is given to the tiniest of matters. For example, the kibble size of this dry dog food is just ideal for Yorkies. We say that because Yorkies are known to have glass chins, the jaw strength is not as great as say boxers. But we know most of you are interested in knowing more about the ingredients of this formula, so presently we will talk about them. Well, the key protein source is chicken meal, while for carbs supplementation, brown rice is added. Chicken fat and anchovy oil are also what you can call the main ingredients. Looking for that touch of uniqueness? Green tea extract. Looking for something more? Jump to the pros and cons section! 


1- Enriched with essential fatty acids i.e. omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

2- Biotin supplementation, which is great news for your dog’s coat.

3- Kibble size ideal for Yorkie’s muzzle and bite-size.

4- Enriched with a tempting aroma

Not So Good

1- Suitable for only ten months old Yorkie terriers.

2- Hill’s Science Diet Small Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Small Dry Dog FoodThe thing that we loved the most about this product has to be the variety it comes with. Let us start with the flavors, there are two flavors in which this dog food is available. These are chicken and lamb rice. Then the weight, you can either go for the 4.5 LB or 15.5 LB version. But we know you are getting a little impatient about the ingredient list, so let us talk about the ingredients first. The primary ingredient, the main source of protein is chicken meal. Then, there are whole grains and whole-grain sorghum, which is your element of uniqueness. Apart from the key macronutrient sources, one thing that you need to be mindful of in particular is supplementation. We are talking about vitamins and antioxidants of course. There is a good dash of amino acids like L-Ascoryl-2-Phosphate as well. So all in all, it is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a dog food formula that is not just about proteins and carbohydrates.


1- A vet recommended product

2- No artificial colors or preservatives.

3- Supplemented with antioxidants, which take care of free radicals.

4- Vitamin E supplementation, which is good news for your Yorkie’s skin coat.

5- Made in the USA

Not So Good

1-Suitable for adult Yorkshire terriers only.

3- IAMS Protective Health Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

IAMS Protective Health Small Breed Adult Dry Dog FoodWe have talked about the allergy concerns for dogs, and especially Yorkie terriers already. From the fear of redundancy, we will not jump into all those details again. But what we are going to do is talk about a dog food formula that provides a solution to the allergy problem. IAMS dry dog food is a formula designed in such a manner that takes care of all the possible allergy concerns.


But that is not the only plus you get with this dog food formula. There is plenty more to get your attention. For example, how about the fact that the primary source in this dog food formula is farm-raised chicken! This means that your Yorkie will be able to quickly develop the muscles that provide the much-needed agility. Another plus is the abundance of antioxidants that can boost your canine friend’s immune system.


1- No filers

2- Wholesome ingredients

3- You can mix this formula with both dry and wet food.

4- Vitamin supplementation (B12, B1, B6, and D3)

5- Natural preservatives i.e. tocopherols.

Not So Good

1- Out of stock more often than not.

4- Nature’s Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food Small Bites

Nature’s Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food Small BitesThis is a 15-pound bag of dry dog food. So, one plus that you will get with this dog food formula is that you will not have to rush to the store again and again. Now coming towards the ingredient list, the primary source of protein in this formula is chicken meal. Other key nutrient sources included in this dog food product are barley, brewer’s rice, and poultry fat. To provide an adequate amount of fat, flaxseed is added. One important feature in the profile highlights of Yorkies is their skin. To ensure that your pup wins the local dog show, the manufacturers of this formula have added biotin. Biotin’s role in adding the fine tone to the canine skin is well established. Jump to the pros and cons section, if more dirt about this dog food is what you are after!


1- A premium quality chicken meal that is great for muscular growth

2- Contains essential fatty acids like the omega-3 fatty acids

3- The kibble size is ideal for your Yorkie’s jaws

4- Supplemented with minerals

5- Suitable for all life stages

Not So Good

1- A tad too expensive for our liking.

5- Cesar’s Mignon Flavor Vegetables Garnish

Cesar’s Mignon Flavor Vegetables GarnishWe are a big fan of variety, which might have reflected in our choice of dog foods in this discussion as well. And this is yet another product that offers so many choices in terms of flavors. Our favorites are filet mignon and chicken. However, don’t let this confuse you. The first or the primary ingredient in this dog food formula is real beef. And then, to make sure that your terrier is getting all the needed nutrients, 26 additional nutrients are added as well. Learn more about why this product is an ideal choice for your Yorkie terrier in the pros and cons section.


1- Perfect kibble size

2- Can be mixed with wet food as well

3- Porterhouse flavor

4- Made in the USA

Not So Good

1- Out of stock more often than not.

2- Contains corn


We know that at this point in the discussion, a lot of questions are bubbling in your mind. We are cognizant of the unfortunate reality that we cannot answer all of your questions, but we can answer a few and that will be doing the least. Anyhow, scroll below to find if you got lucky or not, we have answered a few frequently asked questions about Yorkie dog food.

1- Can I feed my Yorkies chocolate?

Dude, you can’t feed any dog chocolate, forget Yorkies. Chocolate contains theobromine, which can prove toxic for your canine friends.

2- My Yorkie is too excited, how do I make the pet eat?

The broth is one fine way of getting your canine friend’s attention. However, we feel that you should go for bone broth only if you have exhausted all other options. What is more, be careful about onions in the broth, as onions are not good for your Yorkie, or any other dog.

3- Can I feed my Yorkie cat food?

Seriously? What was the point of this whole discussion, if you were going to ask us this question? NO, YOU CANNOT. Feline food is not good for canine species.

4- What is the verdict about phosphorus?

Too much phosphorus can cause mobility issues, so be wary of that.

5- Tartar for Yorkies?

Too much tartar can lead to tooth decay, so you need to be careful about this little point as well.


Well, folks, that will be all for now. Hopefully, you learned something if not everything new from this discussion about Yorkies food requirements. One last word of advice before we sign off, it is good to add the element of treats in your Yorkie’s diet schedule. Keeps them motivated alright! And we are sure you don’t want your good boy turning into a lazy bad boy for no reason!

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