Best Dog Foods for Chihuahuas

Best Dog Foods for Chihuahuas


They might not be as big in stature as some other breeds but that does not make Chihuahuas a less lovable breed. Indeed, these furry little dogs will make the best friend you might ever have. They are full of energy and can make your day with their cute little antics. But in this discussion, it is your responsibility that we want to talk about in detail. Yes, you sir! Now, tell us honestly, what have you been feeding your dog all this time? Chihuahuas are a bit sensitive with regards to their diet, and we will hate to think that you have been feeding them dog food that doesn’t exactly cut the quality standards. Even if you are guilty of not taking proper care of your furry little canine friend, it is time to make amends. All that you have to do is buy the best dog for your Chihuahua(s)! This article is going to be immensely helpful for you if you are a novice to the subject. Not only do we talk about the basic nutrient requirements of a Chihuahua, but we also mention the top five dog foods which your bouncy pet will love!

The buyer guide

Without wasting any time, let us brief you on the key points that you must keep in mind when you are out shopping for Chihuahua dog food.

1- The nutrient guide

First things first, what does your Chihuahua need the most in terms of nutrients? Well, the nutritional requirements for Chihuahuas differ concerning their age. So, for the sake of better understanding and convenience, we are going to talk about nutritional requirements for different age groups separately in the following subsections of this section.

Well then, first up are the young ones, puppies. As you can understand, a puppy needs a lot of nutrients for growing up fast. So, if you are a proud mommy or daddy of a cute little Chihuahua baby, then you are better off purchasing a dog food product that is more puppy oriented. Any dog food formula that features about 30% protein, 17% fat and a minimum of 50 calories is suitable for your puppy. Oh, and the label must say it is suited for Chihuahuas of course.

What about the big boys then? Firstly calories, the optimal range of calories on offer should be between 35-40 calories. Then, coming towards the macronutrient percentages, the protein content should be at least 25%. But the number that you need to watch out for more closely is that of fat. Feed any big boy a dog food that features more than 13%, and you are simply exposing your canine friend to the risk of obesity. As far as the senior boys go, you need to be mindful of the fact that they are not in an age where they can bounce about with the same agility which they possessed in the days of their youth. So again, nothing that makes them gain weight, but something that keeps the heart and skeletal disorders at bay. Of course, we are talking about a dog food formula here that is enriched with additional vitamins and supplements. You will understand things more clearly once we discuss the best dog foods for Chihuahuas!

2-What does a Chihuahua favorite food recipe look like?

For us, the most important element that must make up most of your Chihuahua’s diet is meat. So please go for a dog food that lists meat as the first or primary ingredient. We know you are expecting us to launch into a rant about the importance of vitamins next. But while their importance cannot be denied, there is something even more important than supplements that we want to talk about here. Kibble size. Chihuahuas have strong jaws, but that doesn’t mean you should test their patience. Go for a dog food product that has a small kibble size. Oh, and always go for a formula that is enriched with essential fatty acids i.e. omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

3-Health considerations

Picking the best dog food for your Chihuahua is not all about finding a product that has the optimal balance of macronutrients. You have to go for a product that is tailored well enough to keep the health concerns for Chihuahuas at bay. What are those health considerations? For one, Chihuahuas are sensitive to allergens like corn and soy, so go for a food product that is devoid of these elements. Also, to ensure that your canine friend doesn’t become a victim of joint deformities, feed the dog a formula that is enriched with chondroitin or glucosamine.

4-How much should you buy?

Let us rephrase this question. How much should you feed your Chihuahua? We think now you and we are in a better position to answer this question. The inferences drawn from observations suggest that 3-4 meals are a must for any dog of this breed. However, depending on your dog’s specific needs, you might have to add one more meal than the normal, and we are being very realistic here!

The best dog foods for Chihuahuas

Magic is about to happen! Here are our top five picks in the category of dog food for Chihuahuas.

1- From Gold Small Breed

From Gold Small BreedLet us start with this cheese flavored dog food that your puppy is bound to love for the simple fact that chicken is the primary ingredient here. Remember the bit about meat being the primary element of a great dog food formula for Chihuahuas? However, there is more to like about this product than this one fact. For example, how about the fact that this dog food formula features salmon oil, which is a great source of fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acids? To make sure that your Chihuahua is getting all the needed protein content, the manufacturers have added a dash of duck and lamb as well.

After more dirt on this dog food for Chihuahuas? Jump to the pros and cons section, where we have highlighted the finer features of this canine feed formula.


1- Supplemented with alfalfa meal, which serves as a great source of carbohydrates.

2- Adequate amounts of amino acids like methionine and L-tryptophan.

3- Probiotics, which promise better gut health.

4- Made in the USA.

5- Enriched with antioxidants.

Not So Good

1- So popular that the product is out of stock most of the time.

2- Quality but too pricey for our liking

2- Wellness CORE Small Breed

Wellness CORE Small BreedThere are many great recipes available in the market which your Chihuahua will be more than happy to gulp down. So, why should you go for something like Wellness CORE small breed dog food? Well, the first reason would be a one hundred percent allergen-free diet. No preservatives or mysterious flavors pose health risks to your furball. We know you are curious about the ingredients that make up this formula, so let us talk about them now. Well, the primary meat source in this dog food formula is deboned turkey. But to ensure that your Chihuahua is getting enough protein, a dash of turkey and chicken meal is added as well. But even though we want to talk about the importance of vitamins like D3 and B12 that this dog food formula is enriched with, we have to jump to the pros and cons section since there is not enough space to explain the quality of this formula entirely!


1- Features natural ingredients only.

2- Kibble size is perfect for Chihuahuas

3- Perfect choice in terms of caloric density as well.

4- Probiotics

Not So Good

1- Your Chihuahua might take some time adjusting to the new taste.

3- Blue Buffalo Wilderness Small Breed

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Small BreedGlucosamine is a requirement for your Chihuahua if you don’t want your dog to become a victim of joint deformities. We are happy to report that the dog food formula under discussion features a chicken meal, which is a rich source of glucosamine. However, don’t let you confuse the fact that the primary source of meat in this product is deboned beef. There are some unique elements though, which are worth mentioning here. We mean to say, there are not many products that contain deboned bison, deboned venison, and deboned lamb, are there? Full marks to the product makers for this element of uniqueness. But hey, we are not done here. Wait till you hear more about the pros of this dog formula.


1- Probiotic supplementation

2- Fruits like cranberries and apples are good for your Chihuahua

3- Natural preservatives like tocopherols.

4- Folic acid supplementation

Not So Good

1-There is a chance that your puppy might not like this at first, so you will have to make an effort.

4- Canidae Pure Small Breed

Canidae Pure Small BreedThe thing that we loved the most about this dog food formula for Chihuahua was the fresh chicken that it features. But we know you are after the element of uniqueness! So here it is. Menhaden fish meal and lentils. We know that doesn’t sound like a big deal at first, but the value of these elements in terms of fatty acids and carbohydrates is immense for your Chihuahua. As always, supplementation is a crucial aspect of any dog food, and we were not disappointed by what we found in this product. Biotin. If you want to see your canine friend’s skin shine brighter than ever, then do select a dog food formula that is enriched with biotin. And well, you don’t have to look any further, Canidae Pure Small Breed Dog Food is the perfect choice for you.

More about this product in the pros and cons section.


1- Adequate mineral supplementation i.e. manganese compounds.

2- Riboflavin supplementation

3- Probiotics

4- Choline and biotin.

5- Small kibble size

Not So Good

1- High fiber content, so your dog can become prone to gas issues.

5- Blue Buffalo Small Breed Adult

Blue Buffalo Small Breed AdultVariety is the strongest forte of this dry dog food. We are talking about the variety in flavors here, three different flavors featured in this product: a combination of brown rice with either small breed chicken, small breed fish, or small breed lamb. Please note that this is a dog food product that is suitable for only adult Chihuahuas. Coming back towards the ingredient list, brown rice is a great choice for your Chihuahua because your dog will not be at risk of allergy. What is more, there is enough glucosamine in this meal, which ensures that your dog will not suffer from skeletal issues.


1- Probiotic supplementation

2- Enriched with antioxidants

3- Enough vegetables to ensure your dog’s immune system is strong

4- Made in the USA

Not So Good

1- Might make your dog gassy.


1- Is moistening my Chihuahua’s food with water ok?

We would recommend you to do that. No one likes a dry, dusty meal, and Chihuahuas are no exemption.

2- Do Chihuahuas like fat?

They do, and adding a bit of olive oil to your Chihuahua’s meal will not hurt the taste. But anything more than a bit and you are just flirting with the idea of canine obesity here.

3- What should I avoid feeding my Chihuahua?

The big no-no’s for your Chihuahua include alcohol, chocolate, candy, onions, and garlic.

4- Are these dog foods suitable for other breeds as well?

They are for breeds smaller in stature, but you will have to read the label carefully if your dog is listed on it.

5- Which dog food is the best for Chihuahuas?

All these products are fine picks, the answer to this question will depend on your dog’s specific taste.

Final words

Well, folks, that will be all for now. Chihuahuas might not be representatives of a breed as heavy as say boxers, but they still need a decent amount of food daily for proper growth. And while they do not eat too much, they love a quality meal. As a responsible mommy or daddy, you must pick only the best dog food for your Chihuahua. And at this concluding point in the discussion, we daresay you have plenty of choices! So make your call wisely so that your Chihuahua stays happy forever!

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