Best Food for Golden Retriever

Best Food for Golden Retriever


If you are a proud mommy or daddy of a golden retriever, we can already guess what qualities inspire you in life. As pets, golden retrievers are a symbol of loyalty. But adoration is not their only strong point, these are a highly intelligent and energetic species as well. Surely we don’t need to point out how these dogs can be helpful to you? No, this discussion, as you might have guessed from the title, is about something else.

We are going to hold you, yes you, accountable on the account of what have you been feeding your golden retriever. However, if you are someone looking for something nice to feed your dog, you are also invited to read this discussion till the very end. Best dog foods and the buyer guide of purchasing the best ones, lots of learning on offer here! 

How to choose the best food for a golden retriever?

Now before we talk about the best foods for golden retrievers, we would like to discuss the factors which make them best in the first place. Please note that most of these are related to your dog rather than the product. It is the specific requirements of your dog which decide which product is better suited for your pet. For the sake of convenience, we are going to talk about these determinants separately in the following sections.

1- The age conundrum

The most basic factor to consider, if you will have it! What is the life stage at which your golden retriever is? Puppy, adult, or senior? Each life stage has different nutritional requirements, and you will have to be mindful of these when you are purchasing dog food for your golden retriever. Puppies need calcium and phosphorous more than anything else, so you should consider buying a dog food product that is enriched with both these nutrients. Consulting the vet, especially in the case of puppies, is not a bad idea altogether.

Next up is the adult stage golden retrievers, and these need a complete diet mind you. But more important than that, this is also the stage in which you have to start minding your golden retriever’s preferences as well. For example, some dogs of this breed are more partial to fish, some to beef while others are happier with chicken. Lastly, if your baby has grown into a big boy and is at the senior stage of life, then gerontology has to be the most important aspect to keep in mind. Fiber supplementation is what your good boy needs at this stage, so be mindful of this little fact! 

2- Ingredients

When we use the term ingredients, we are talking about both macro and micronutrients. One doesn’t need to jump into the minor details of a dog food product to discern the sources of protein. These are obvious. However, make sure that you are buying a dog food product for your golden retriever, which comes with a blend of vegetables and fruits as well. Your good boy is going to be ok with that!

You must ask, why are we stressing on this point? Well simply because these provide the much-needed vitamins and minerals, elements that your golden retriever needs for the proper functioning of joints and bones. Just a point about protein content before we jump to the next section, it is better to go for dog foods that feature animal-based proteins rather than plant-based proteins e.g. soy proteins.

3- Label reading

We know many of you are eager to run the card and leave the store immediately! But for the sake of your dog’s health, do read what the label of a golden retriever dog product says. For one, it should ascertain that the product you are buying will meet the minimum dietary requirements of your good boy. For another, it should portray the relevant information about additives and flavors.

4- Dry kibble vs. wet food

Is your dog a dry bone lover or prefers wet food? A variable trait which you should not ignore while shopping. Nevertheless, the nutritional content is almost the same in both cases.

Best food for golden retrievers

We are finally at the point around which this whole discussion was orchestrated.

1- Purina pro plan sport formula dog food


Purina pro plan sport formula dog foodThe first in the list is a dog food formula best suited for more active dogs. This is great because retrievers, as we all know, do not mind a bit of huff and puff. Coming towards the characteristic features of this dog food formula, almost thirty percent of it is protein by nature. The primary source of protein is chicken here.

At the second number in terms of percentage, there is fat, which is about 20 percent. To ensure that your retriever is up and bouncing about all the time, the manufacturers have added adequate amounts of glucosamine and EPA as well.

What did we like about it? 

Now that you are well aware of its composition, let us talk about the high points of this product.

1- Variety: Apart from chicken, the dog food is also available in the turkey, salmon, and rice version.

2- Suitable for all age groups. Doesn’t matter if your golden boy is a pup or a pro.

3- Predominantly meat-based dog food.

4- A made in USA formula.

2- Royal Canin golden retriever dog food


Royal Canin golden retriever dog foodWithout beating about the bush, let us talk about the composition of this dog food. This is a primarily chicken-based formula. One thing that we must make clear about this dry dog food from Royal Canin is that it is suitable for only adult stage golden retrievers.

Now, what is the added advantages if you opt for this one? For one, it promises skin tone development, for another, it takes care of any cardiac issues that your good boy might be prone to. EPA, DHA, and taurine are key additions, which have the effects that we just discussed.

What did we like about it?

1- Perfect for your dog if there have been reports of GI complications previously.

2- Exclusive kibble design.

3- Helps your dog maintain the looks as well.

4- Can be used as dry and wet food both.

3- Diamond Naturals dry dog food


Diamond Naturals dry dog foodSpeaking from the nutritional point of view, this dog food product is simply at the top of the charts. Wait till you hear about the ingredient list! The protein in this dog food formula is provided by the lamb, kelp, papaya, and chia seeds. But there is more in this dietary formula than the protein content alone. Adequate amounts of vitamins like vitamin B1, B6, and vitamin A are added as well. The idea is to make sure that your golden retriever doesn’t suffer from any illness that is prompted by a lack of basic vitamins.

What did we like about it? 

1- Key source of protein is lamb meat, that too of premium quality. 

2- Yucca and coconut addition, which are categorized as superfoods.

3- Wells supplemented in terms of minerals as well, with a special emphasis on zinc and potassium.

4- Comes without any allergens like wheat.

5- No preservatives.

4- Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry dog food


Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry dog foodThis is a red meat dry kibble that is a little more than what meets the eye at the first glance. Apart from red meat, there are plenty of other protein sources as well. We are sure that most of you are thinking about chicken and lamb. However, there is a good deal of venison as well. A fact that tells you a lot about the quality of this dog food product.

For better understanding, let us break down the nutritional content of this dog food into percentages. The protein content is around 30 percent, fat is around 15 percent while there is a decent proportion of carbohydrates as well. It is worth mentioning here that the source of carbohydrates is sweet potatoes.

What did we like about it?

1- Grain-free, which means the chances of allergy are quite minimal.

2- Enriched with antioxidants.

3- Absence of wheat and soy.

4- Perfect for retrievers since they love to devour red meat.

5- Royal Canin golden retriever soft dog food


Royal Canin golden retriever soft dog foodThe last in this list is as good as the first, we are talking quality here! But before we jump into the finer details of this golden retriever formula, there is something that we need to state clearly first. This dog food is suitable for only 15 months old golden retrievers. So, if you are after something for your puppy, you will have to opt for one of the other alternatives that we have discussed already.

Now, coming towards the details of this product under discussion, well this one is unique. The dog food features a loaf in sauce for a pate! And we can tell you that your dog is pretty excited to hear that if you are reading this aloud! But apart from the good tastes, there is plenty more that makes this dog food a premium choice for any golden retriever. It features the right balance between EPA and DHA, a combination that is crucial to proper joint functioning. It is healthy, it is tasty. Is there anything more that you should know? Yes, but you will have to jump to the next section for that dirt!

What did we like about it?

1- There are two ways in which you can feed this dog food product to your golden retriever. Alone or by mixing it up with the dry dog food.

2- Mineral supplementation

3- Perfect for taking care of your dog’s cardiac health via diet. It has all the essential amino acids like taurine and L-creatinine. These amino acids are linked with better canine cardiac performance.

4- Cost-effective. You are getting value for the money you are paying.

Feed frequency

This section answers how much I should buy questions that some of you might have. Well, the feed requirements differ concerning age. Puppies are happy with four portions per day, the adult with three and senior boys are OK with 1-2 servings per day. The thing that you need to be mindful of here is that the meals should be evenly spaced out.


Not possible that you don’t have questions bubbling in your mind, at this point of the discussion! In the following lines, we attempt to answer some of your queries briefly but concisely.

1- What is the protein percentage that my golden boy needs?

The exact number varies with the age and the particular dog, but a minimum of 18 percent for adults and 22 percent for the puppies is something that you can work with.

2- How much fat is OK in a golden retriever dog food product?

It should never exceed eight percent of the total composition at any stage of your golden retriever’s life.

3- What promises better joint health?

You need to purchase dog food that is enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin.

4- Are grain-free diets ok for my golden retriever? 

You will have to consult with your vet first in this regard. The answer to this question depends upon your dog’s personal preferences as well.

5- Which one is the best food for my golden boy?

Any of the five we have discussed in this article is a great choice for your golden boy. But then again, it is the specific requirements on your dog’s part that matter as well.


Well, folks that would be all from this discussion. If you were a novice to this side of dog life at the start of this discussion, by now you should be well aware of the basic rules that govern shopping of this nature. Just one more thing before we sign off though, and that is about treats. It is important to offer treats like carrots and berries occasionally apart from the dog foods. Don’t want our good boys to be turning into lazy bad boys, do we?

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