Best Puppy Food for German Shepherds

Best Puppy Food for German Shepherds


Hey you, are you a German shepherd lover looking for the best puppy food? Here is the complete information about puppy food that will be more than super helpful, we can promise you that. The strong German Shepherd Dog is one of the long-lasting favorites. The German shepherd has been the number two most popular dog in the United States for the last ten years. They require a high protein and fatty diet to maintain their energy requirements. It is important to stress that these ingredients have not come from ordinary ingredients but they come from good food sources. Have a look at the food guide about dog food to know more that you don’t know already!

The Buyers Guide

The dog has to get everything his body needs through his diet, from the energy and nutrients that make up every tissue and keep every cell process working, all of which must be delivered through his diet. Too much or too little of any single nutrient can quickly cause discomfort. Feeding your active & agile German shepherd a meal that is balanced and supports his bones, muscles, and mental health makes it less difficult to survive and age. The following points must be kept in your mind while buying German shepherd food, think of these as the determinants of great dog food!

Reading the label

When buying food for your German shepherd make sure you are reading every little detail on the product label. Go for what makes sense to you, your dog can’t understand these things but you can.

First, let’s take a look at the usual package of dog food. There’s:

Front packaging – bears the name of the food, the main ingredient, the key benefits

Back of packaging – descriptions, list of ingredients, and other information

Calorie Statement- Dogs’ foods can vary greatly in calorie content, even between foods of the same type of moisture and formulated at the same life stage. Feeding directions also vary between manufacturers, so the number of calories delivered in a daily meal of one food may be quite different from another. Clarity is the most important thing to look for on the list of ingredients. Each ingredient should be named, and the most important ingredients should ideally be given a percentage to tell you how much is present.

Ingredients to look for

We are talking about the macromolecules here, many of which are familiar to you, others may not. You must know about the most popular ingredients as well as which ones are worth looking for and which are best avoided.


Traditionally, mostly dog foods contained 20-30% protein and dog food manufacturers suggested that higher-protein diets could be harmful. More recently, however, a new wave of high-meat/high-protein foods has shown that, as long as it comes from good animal sources, dogs are more than capable of handling high amounts of protein.


The dog food shows fiber at 2.5 to 4.5 percent mainly. One study found benefits for dogs with a median dosage of 2 tablespoons per day of common human psyllium supplement, although there was a range of 0.25 to 6 tablespoons per day.


Calcium: Necessary for bone and teeth formation, nerve transmission, muscle contractions.

Phosphorus: Necessary for skeletal structure, DNA, RNA structure production, maintain energy metabolism.

Magnesium: Need to allow enzymes to function; secretions of hormones; the interface of the membrane of the nerve cells.

Potassium: Required for healthy nervous function; enzyme reactions; energy metabolism.

Iron: an integral part of the hemoglobin


For most healthy adult dogs, the feeding schedule can be very flexible. Once you have established a daily amount of food, you can divide it into as many meals as you want and feed it to suit you at times. Most dog owners choose to eat 1-3 meals a day. Feeding the right quantity is just as important as feeding the right food. All dog foods have food guidelines on the packaging. You should always start by following your dog’s weight guidelines. If your dog is getting overweight, please take a look at the guide for dogs that are prone to weight gain. If, on the other hand, your dog is too thin, try increasing the amount of food by 10% or switching to a higher-calorie diet.

Top 5 dog foods for German shepherd:


1- Royal Canin German shepherd Adult Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin knows what makes your German shepherd gorgeous. Royal Canin dog food is intended to meet the dietary needs of German Shepherds of age 15 months almost. It aids digestive health with highly digestible proteins and specific fibers to promote optimum stool quality. Complete feed for dogs-Specially adult and mature German Shepherds-over 15 months of age. The Royal Canin German Shepherd Food was formulated and designed to meet the unique needs of this breed. With strong jaws, the German shepherd eats and processes nutrients differently, they have designed a diet that is specific to your German shepherd’s needs… Highly digestible proteins and specific fibers maintain digestive health. One of the most popular features of this brand is its abundance of formulas. The company makes over 200 different recipes designed to be beneficial to your dog’s specific needs. Royal Canin does not emphasize the recipes or “flavors” of their food. The only way to know if your dog’s palette is going to be tempted is by checking the list of ingredients that we’ll get into later.



2-Sourced in the USA

3-Breed-specific formulas

4-Vet recommended diet

5-Decent nutritional values

Not So Good

1-No grain-free option

Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Puppy Dog Food

Purina One dog contains added vitamins and minerals. Purina ONE SMART BLEND Large Breed Adult Formula is probably one of the best dog food you can buy in a grocery store. The real chicken is the primary ingredient, and it’s high in terms of percentage. Natural sources of glucosamine in each serving help support its growing joints, and it has no artificial flavors or preservatives along with 0 percent fillers and 100 percent nutrition. With a combination of protein-rich, tender, and meaty morsels and crunchy puppy kibble, Purina ONE big-breed puppy food delivers a taste and texture he’s sure to love, all in a recipe crafted by a veterinary-recommended brand. Purina One dog contains added vitamins and minerals as well.

Key features:

Min protein: 30 %

Min fat: 17 %

Max fiber: 3 %

Max moisture: 12 %

Omega 3 fatty acids 0.5 %


1-Contain essential vitamin and minerals

2-Variety of dog food recipes available


4-In stock all the time

Not So Good

1- Artificial additives

2- Processed grains will be problematic for some dogs.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Made for the well-being of dogs, BLUE Life Dog Food is made from premium natural ingredients improved with vitamins and minerals. It contains ingredients that you’re going to love feeding as much as they’re going to love eating. BLUE Life Protection The dog food formula is a product of the company Blue Buffalo. Blue Buffalo is a premium quality pet based in the United States.

REAL MEAT: Blue Buffalo food always has real meat as its first ingredient. High-quality chicken protein helps your dog construct and maintain healthy muscles. The dog food contains essential proteins and carbohydrates to help meet the energy needs of adult dogs and this is an accurate blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to support the health of the immune system.

NATURAL FOOD: BLUE dry dog food is made with the finest natural ingredients, enhanced with vitamins and minerals.


1-High energy food

2-Promotes longevity

3-Helps to combat food allergies

Not So Good

Some German shepherd dogs did not like the bits of LifeSource.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dog, Beef and Rice Formula

Yet another great choice, although we must add that the protein is derived only from a moderate amount of meat. No real issues with most of the ingredients though, and ultimately, we can conclude that it’s over-average dry dog food. Diamond Pet Foods are made with the highest quality ingredients and formulated to help your pet stay active and feel good. Each Diamond pet food formula contains balanced levels of protein, fat, and other essential nutrients to support an ideal health condition, along with antioxidants and fiber for digestive and immune system support. Diamond Pet Foods provides the nutrients your pet needs daily. The high-quality protein made from beef, modified for adult dogs; optimal amino acid profile for bend, strong muscles. Premium ingredients with added vitamins & minerals; fruit and vegetables as superfoods for hard-working antioxidants


1-Not a lot of grain-filling

2-A lot of nutritious non-meat ingredients

3-Good variety of unusual “superfoods”

Not So Good

1-Includes salt and other unwanted ingredients

2-It only comes in one practical size

3-A large portion of the protein may come from non-meat sources.

NUTRO ULTRA Puppy Dry Dog Food

NUTRO ULTRA believes that dogs deserve to enjoy their food as much as we enjoy our own nitro ultra-large breed puppy dry dog food with a trio of protein chicken, lamb, and salmon is made from high-quality ingredients that satisfy and nourish. These delicious recipes start with real chicken. NUTRO ULTRA Large Breed Puppy Recipe provides a balanced diet for puppies that are rich in nutrients and full of flavor that will help your growing canine thrive. It brings together unique ingredients and flavors to make your pet’s meal a wonderful time with NUTRO ULTRA Dog Food. They use high-quality ingredients from the trustee. These dry recipes are made specifically and have no chicken, corn, wheat, or soy protein and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


1-Natural ingredients

2-Perfect for owners worried about GMOs

3-High-quality protein sources

4-A made in USA product

Not So Good

1-The brand has issued a past recall on its puppy line

2-Not for puppies with sensitive stomach, skin


We know you have got questions, and we have got all the answers! Search for your question in the FAQ answered below!

  1. How often should I feed my dog?

Dogs should be fed twice a day. Breeding, age, size, and energy are all factors in how often and how much dogs should eat.

  1. Is it okay to give my dog bones to chew on?

Bones are a good source of minerals and other nutrients and help to satisfy your dog’s appetite. Raw chicken, turkey, lamb, or beef bone are soft enough to chew, eat, and digest.

  1. How do I change my pet’s diet?

It is important that your dog gradually switch dog food from its current dog food to avoid digestive disorders or problems with the stomach. To make a transition, mix your dog’s current food with his new food.

  1. Are rawhides bad for my dog?

Rawhide is given to dogs with the best of intentions, it’s not good to give to your dog. Rawhides pose a choking hazard to dogs, can break dogs’ teeth, and present digestive problems, cause contamination, and more.

  1. What is in dog food anyway?

Raw dog food is fresh food in its ordinary state, i.e. uncooked. Proponents of this diet believe that dogs thrive on eating what canines ate before they were domesticated. Raw muscle meat is the foundation of a raw food diet.


Well, folks that would be all from this discussion. Pet lovers and veterinary professionals have every right to know what they are feeding their animals. The pet food label contains a prosperity of information if you know how to read it. Don’t be swayed by many marketing gimmicks or eye-catching claims. If you have any questions about the product, please contact the manufacturer or ask the appropriate regulatory agency. Balanced pet food products are formulated as a single source of nutrition for a pet. Most pets are maintained mainly by feeding a reduced range of commercial products and a limited number of production batches for a prolonged period. And with that wise advice, we bid you farewell from what has been a comprehensive account of the best dog foods for your canine friend!

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