Bissell Powerforce Compact Review

Bissell Powerforce Compact Review

No doubt adulting make our lives hectic and everyday cleaning becomes super difficult. Everyone searches for cleaners that cater to their everyday household needs. From cleaning hard floors to carpet a compact vacuum cleaner is such a big relief.

Bissell has always kept the needs of its customers’ insight and found the gap existing in society and has come up with a product “Powerforce Compact”. Being one reliable brand among the users for feasible vacuum cleaners, this one also ensures that the reliability stays intact and the appliance leaves your house as clean as you desire.

This trustworthy family-run company has produced top-notch home appliances and Bissell Powerforce Compact is no less. This bagless vacuum comes with amazing features and benefits that leave behind most of the competitors in the market. This article will dive into the details of this vacuum cleaner. So, let’s start!


Bissell Powerforce Compact ReviewBissell Powerforce compact has an upright vacuum design. It is lightweight and less than 8 pounds so that you do not have to bear the heavy load. It includes a carry handle which is slim and sleek and easy to carry. The hose comes off as an extension which helps to move around the house easily.

The hose length is around 4.5-feet which makes it accessible to places that are difficult to reach. The compact and upright design typically has a suction motor and motor and it is easy to empty their dirtbag but the majority of such vacuum cleaners are heavy but Bissell Powerforce Compact is lightweight and easy to use and move.

Like most of Bissell’s vacuums, it also has kept in mind the issues that people face while moving the vacuum. Not all surfaces are of the same height, some are high while others are low. This vacuum cleaner has a surface height setting of one level.

This transition will help in cleaning the areas that are not easily reachable. Being light in weight you cannot easily change the height but also move it anywhere.

 Cleaning Mechanism:

One of the noteworthy features of this vacuum is that it is a multi-surface cleaner. It can clean Low pile carpet, stairs, upholstery, carpet, area rugs, bare floors, and hard floors. With a cyclonic cleaning system and a cleaning width of 10 inches, Bissell Powerforce compact easily picks up dirt, debris, and pet hair from the surfaces. Also, the cyclonic system doesn’t clog easily.

With the help of this vacuum, you can easily clean spaces of smaller widths and are great for everyday use as it also has 2 rows rotating brush systems.

The dust canister has a capacity to hold dirt till 1L and is easy to empty. You don’t need to touch the dirt, instead, you push the button to evacuate it.

 Specialty Tools:

As we mentioned before, Bissell has taken care of all the household cleaning needs. Therefore, Powerforce Compact comes with a Crevice Tool, a Brush system, and an extension wand.

The Crevice tool helps to reach corners and places that are not easily accessible which gives a more precise cleaning. The rotating brush system combines with the powerful suction that gives an in-depth cleaning. An extension wand is necessary to extend at several places and low furniture or couches as you might not want any place to be left dirty.

 Filtration system:

Life is not easy when you have pets in the house. They shed their fur every now and then. Most of the time it causes allergies and your house may also look like a mess.

Bissell Powerforce Compact comes with multi-level filtration which means it has two layers of filtration. Unlike the vacuum cleaners with bags, this one has a plastic dust bin that helps to collect dust, dirt, and debris into it.

The double system provides a much better clean surface as compared to other vacuums and the chances of catching allergies from pet hair will also decrease.


Even though Bissell has a multi-layered filtration system, it requires cleaning as well. Hence, Bissell introduced washable filters. The filters can absorb tons of dust and dirt every day and washable filters tend to increase the life of vacuum cleaners.

You might be wondering if this process is as hectic as vacuuming? The answer is no, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is remove the filters using the buttons provided, tap the dust away, and soak it in lukewarm water. By doing this once a month not only it will be clean as a new pin but also extend the life of the cleaner.



  • The vacuum is lightweight and easy to carry on staircases.
  • Maneuverable and compact for everyday use.
  • Visible dirt canister, which will help you detect unwanted things trapped in it.
  • Inexpensive with great features.
  • Easy Transition


Not So Good


  • Bristles on the brush are quite stubborn. It takes time to remove dirt and debris from it.
  • Spring over the cup entangles the dirt and debris.
  • Washing the filters manually might cause allergies to some people.
  • The short length of the cord.


All in all, if you are worried about the mess created by your pet’s hair, kids, or by any other means, the Bissell Powerforce compact is the right companion for you. The unique and amazing features within an affordable price of 54$ at Walmart will keep your house neat and tidy.

By adding this vacuum cleaner to your daily cleaning routine, it will also decrease the chances of getting dust and pet hair allergies. It cleans multiple surfaces with ease and simplicity. The washable filters and cyclonic technology are far the best features that are added to this price. Bagless vacuums are a need of this hour and this feature is also a total steal!

If you are somebody who wants to keep their house as good as new and does not have enough time and budget to spend a hundred bucks on household cleanings, then you shouldn’t be waiting much and buy Bissell Powerforce Compact as soon as possible!

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