Bissell vs Shark Vacuum

Bissell Vs Shark Vacuum

Finding a reliable vacuum with exceptional cleaning performance is hard to find when there are a lot of brands that claim to be the best.

There is no doubt that Bissell and Shark have an immense reputation in house appliances, especially vacuum cleaners. Both of these brands use the same technologies, have the same designs, and almost identical features.

There are millions of satisfied users of both Shark and Bissell and the credit goes to their power suction, bagless technology, and incredible maneuverability but Shark’s origin is recent when put in comparison with Bissell.

Browsing for a good cleaner online can be a pretty tough question when brands like Bissell and Shark are in a head-to-head competition with each other. Worry not! This article will help you pick the right one for your home so that you do not have to spend hours surfing on the internet and will let you know which of these brands deserve your money more!

 Bissell Vs Shark Vacuum – Specs And Features

There are a lot of common points when it comes to the specs and features of both these vacuums. But, who does it better? Let’s find out below!

Bagless Technology:

 BissellThe disposable system for dirt and debris has changed into a bagless form which is convenient and allows you to assess your cleaner’s performance after every use. Most of the vacuums are using this technology nowadays. Shark and Bissell use the same. But which of them has an edge?

The canister’s capacity is where Shark has a lead. The dirt canister capacity of Bissell lies between 0.11 gallons to 0.52 gallons in different models. While Shark’s dust-bin can hold up to 0.6 gallons to 1.1 gallons of dust and debris.

A larger dust canister allows more dirt to be captured. You don’t have to empty it frequently and can vacuum for a longer duration without worrying about the bin getting filled quickly.

Warranty Period:

A substantial warranty package is one of the key features of both these brands as they are considered the best. Shark delivers a five-year warranty period that includes repair costs and if you have a faulty product, they also let you replace it with a new one.

While Bissell’s warranty period depends upon their model. New products have a warranty of 2-3 years while the older one comes with a 2-year warranty.

Shark has an edge over here because regardless of the model their warranty period remains constant which attracts the user.

Suction Power:

shark vaccumIf you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that does its job well, the first thing you need to look at is the suction power. The suction motor takes the electrical power and converts it into mechanical power, known as suction. Hence, the better the suction power the more vacuum cleaner will pull away dirt and dust from the surface.

Shark claims that all their models come with “Never Lose Suction” technology which means it provides suction with airflow consistently. On the contrary, Bissell claims that their models like 3 in 1 corded stick vacuum have strong suction power even through thinner air.

Here Shark has an edge again as you might prefer it over high pile carpets and hardwood floors because of the technology it provides.

 Motor Size:

The features like suction power and motor size go hand in hand. Motor amperage is another indicator that you should consider while buying one. Most believe that motor amps tell you how much suction power the cleaner will generate. This concept is wrong, instead, it indicates the amount of electricity it will consume while it is turned on. Thus, models with bigger motors consume more electricity.

Majority of the Bissell’s vacuum cleaners draw 12-amperes while Shark consumes 10- amperes to function. People who are energy- conscious may find Shark more appealing as the lower motor wattage will require less power, consequently leading to savings on the electricity bill.

Pet Hair:

People with pets in their house have a hard time cleaning up the fur they shed. It lies all over the place and can cause allergies in some people.

Both Bissell and Shark have special vacuums for cleaning pet hair. Bissell has been catering to this aspect from the early 2000s and has also started a Bissell Pet foundation in 2011. Therefore, Bissell has an edge when it comes to cleaning pet hair.


If a product is not durable, why would anyone spend hundreds of bucks on it? Keeping this in mind, Bissell and Shark both have created vacuums of superior quality.

Again, Bissell does have good quality vacuums but does not hold the same demands as Shark. Bumps and dents are visible on Bissell’s cleaners while Shark has more sturdy designs and can withstand more accidents and pressure.


If we talk about Bissell’s 2-in-1 models, it comes with a lot of accessories like Bissell stick vacuums. Shark also comes with multiple attachments, wands, and handheld devices which allows to clean both high and low places. Bissell’s cordless vacuums are great too but the battery doesn’t last long.

Here, we see a tie as both Bissell and Shark have made their way up when it comes to attachment.


Despite all the edge that Shark has, the most important factor for the buying decision is the price. Bissell’s vacuums are cheaper while Shark will run a bit more.

If you have a limited budget, Bissell is a good option but as you only get what you pay for, you might be left out on the additional features Shark provides.

 Final Thoughts:

By looking at the afore-mentioned specs and features of both the companies, it is evident that Shark has a competitive edge when it comes to vacuum cleaners. From canister capacity to motor size, Shark has gained all the plus points.

But, that does not mean buying Bissell is not a good option. People with an extensive budget should buy Shark vacuums because it has an advantage over Bissell. Also, the more you pay the better you get. Hope you liked the article and let us know if you have any further queries!

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