Blue Buffalo vs Taste of the Wild

Blue Buffalo vs Taste of the Wild


Proper clash of titans, this one! We are already feeling a little nervous at the beginning of this discussion. We are cognizant of the fact that both these products have a loyal customer base that will not like to hear anything against their favorite dog food. But we must remain honest to our duty, which is to just show you which product suits your canine friend more. We know most of the comparisons that exist on this topic already have compared two brands using metrics like total products, sales, and other financial criteria that have very little to do with the nutritional needs of your dog. About time someone compared the two brands using metrics that matter! And so we begin this journey, which is full of sour and sweet for both brands and their followers, but one that is not biased by any stretch of the imagination!

1-Macronutrient breakdown

This is where you will get to know which brand and its products are more suited for your furball. Of course, there might be one product that meets your dog’s requirement, in either brand’s warehouse. But the nutrient breakdown can give you an idea about how things stand generally. So, skipping any further ranting, let us have a look at numbers that matter, one by one.


Your canine pets cannot tell you this, but you must know that dogs require 22 amino acids. And while the canine metabolic machinery is able enough to synthesize a few, rest has to be supplemented via diet. It is the proteins added to your dog’s food which when broken down, furnish the required amino acids. Hence, knowing more about protein percentages becomes crucial for any responsible dog daddy or mommy.

Blue Buffalo

If you are an ardent fan of this brand’s dog foods, you are in luck since the protein percentage is enough to take care of your dog’s amino acid requirements. Indeed, on average, this brand’s products are 30.6 percent protein by nature. That is not a bad number AT ALL!

Taste of the wild

But wait a minute. If you are thinking Blue Buffalo has won this battle of crude proteins, then you couldn’t be more mistaken. You see, Taste of the Wild dog food formulas are enriched with as much as 32 percent protein content! Albeit, the difference is not a significant one, it still is a touch better than the Blue Buffalo! But overall, it is great news for your dog (S), if you have been feeding them either of the products.

The numbers that you saw above are for dry dog food products. If we were to mention the wet food protein percentages, Taste of the Wild has still got more to offer with its 45% as compared to the Blue Buffalo’s 41.3%.


A lot of stress is laid on the protein content. But fats are equally important for your canine friend. Apart from the fact that lipids are a metabolic necessity, fats have a crucial role to play in the maintenance of your good boy’s fur coat development. A fact that is important for breeds like poodles! OK, now that we have laid the foundation of facts, let us sprinkle some numbers that matter.

Blue Buffalo

BB products offer more fatty content to your canine friend in the wet/canned version than in the dry one. The fat content in the wet BB dog foods is somewhere around 26% while in the dry food it is somewhere around 15.5-15.7%. Again, please note that these numbers are reflective of the crude fat percentage only.

Taste of the wild

It is better this way, under separate headings, right? Anyway, TOW offers about 17.8 percent fat in dry dog foods, while the numbers go up to 20% in the case of wet dog food formulas. So, we would like to say, Blue Buffalo offers more in terms of fat content.


Fiber is important, it facilitates your canine friend’s digestive system in metabolizing all the important ingredients, plus keeps the digestive system running smoothly. Again, to save you from the confusion, we will talk about the fiber content percentages separately under different headings!

Blue Buffalo

The dry dog food version of the product offers about 6.7 percent in terms of fiber, while the canned version that you might come across at your local departmental provides you as much as 7.1% fiber.

Taste of the wild

Coming to the Taste of Wild dog foods, you are getting more fiber if you opt for the wet dog food offered by the company than the dry dog food. Numbers in terms of percentages are 5.6% and 4.7%.

2-The formula race

What we are going to talk about in detail in this section is the product line. Please note that in this section, our criterion of judgment is not just limited to age specificity. Rather, we have kept all the nutritional requirements of your canine friend in mind. What is more, we have remained cognizant of your canine friend’s lifestyle. So, with these considerations in our mind, we are going to talk about the two popular brands, again in separate sections just so you get what we are trying to tell you here without any ambiguities.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo offers a great deal of variety when we talk about product lines. The most popular product lines that we think you should know about are six. The first one that we would like to talk about is Freedom, which is a grain-free line. Worth knowing about this product in case your dog suffers from a grain allergy! Next up is the basic line, which features the signature, standard Blue Buffalo dog foods that you might be familiar with already. If your canine pet is a member of a breed that needs more protein for muscle development and proper functioning, we will recommend you to choose something from the Wilderness product line. Products from this line feature a little more protein than the rest. If you want something for your canine friend that is more than 90% animal protein by composition, then CARNIVORA lien of products is certainly what you need to go for. Other two product lines that Blue Buffalo is a proud owner of include veterinary & true solutions. These are more specifically designed to meet your canine friend’s dietary requirements.  

Taste of the wild

Taste of Wild features two major product lines. There is the standard taste of the wild, which includes dog foods that are made of natural ingredients only and feature the perfect kibble size. The other product line is prey, included in which are dog food formulas that are not loaded with ingredients. It is worth mentioning here that the products from the prey line are all grain exclusive.

3- Product reviews

In this section of the discussion, we are going to talk about the products that we think define these two brands aptly. We don’t have much space left to play with, and we don’t want to bore you either. So, we will discuss only one dog food formula per brand. That will be enough for you to start working with things!


Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight Recipe

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight RecipeThis is a grain inclusive dog food. But that is not the most illuminating feature of this formula. Let us start with calories. No calories are coming in from fats or other sources which could pose the risk of obesity to your dog. Coming towards the main ingredients, the primary source of protein in this dog food formula is deboned chicken. Then, there is a dash of chicken meal added as well. If you have never shopped for such products before, let us tell you that dog food is more often than not likely to have a few concentrated protein sources like a chicken meal in this instance. Done with the protein, what about carbs? For providing carbohydrates, wholesome grains like brown rice, barley, and peas are added. An adequate amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals make this dog food formula an excellent choice for your canine friends. It is a great choice for anyone who is fussy about canine skin shine, contains glucosamine which is great for your bulldog’s joint health and has amino acids that are good for your dog’s metabolism.


Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food

So many TOW dog food formulas but we have gone with this one, reason? Some of you might have heard about this one already if you have been feeding dogs for some time now. Such is the fame of this fascinating dry dog food product. What makes it so fascinating is the question that you should be asking right now. Well, for us, it was the protein sources that added the much-coveted touch of uniqueness to this dog food. Good thing that they listed their primary ingredient which is buffalo meat. But what pleasantly surprised us was the addition of roasted bison and venison, well complemented with lamb and chicken meals. Chicken fat sealed the deal for us. But we see some of you want to know more, so let us jump into the pros and cons of this dog food. It is a grain-free dog food formula that features probiotic addition. Oh, and the rare protein sources like venison are the icing on the cake! Can’t see why your poodle won’t love this dog food!



Recalling the history of a product can tell a lot about how safe it is for your canine friend to gobble down a particular food formula. Both these popular brands maintain strict levels of safety when ingredients for particular dog food formulas are chosen. Not only that, strict standards of quality assurance are maintained as well. Hence, you can rest assured that any dog food formula that you purchase from either of these royal canine food brands is safe and sound with no risks attached whatsoever barring allergies. Still, we think talking about recall history is important, just to let you know more about these brands.


Blue Buffalo

Only one major recall. That is quite impressive, considering the number of product lines this brand is churning out right now. The recall under discussion happened in the last quarter of 2010, because of an excessive level of vitamin D. But now, that problem has been rectified, so you can feed your canine pet any BB dog formula that you think is suitable for it.

Taste of the wild

In 2012, because of a salmonella concern, TOW recalled their products. This was just because of an odd incident, nothing concrete was found to establish actual salmonella poisoning. Goes on to show how much the brand cares for your puppy as well!


The final factor is the actual factor. How much do you have in your wallet? That is what decides what you are buying ultimately, no matter how good one brand is as compared to another. So, in the following subsections, we are going to compare the average prices and let you decide which brand is more within your reach and more suitable for you, financially.

Blue Buffalo

The dry dog food products coming out of this brand’s warehouses are sold at $2.75 per pound, while the rate for canned versions is almost twice that. This is just an estimate, and actual numbers can vary a lot.

Taste of the wild

On the other hand, the price tag for TOW products is slightly lower. The dry dog food price/pound on average is around $1.9, while the canned version is less than three dollars per pound. Again, we are just talking about the averages!

Final word

Well, folks that would be all from this discussion. There is so much more that we wanted to talk about, and there is so much that we couldn’t even discuss properly in such a short space and time. But if you were a novice reading this discussion, now you know everything that matters for tyros stepping into the world of canine foods. What is more, you are now in a position to decide which dog food formulas are better suited to your puppy or senior boy. And on that optimistic note, we bid you farewell from this rather comprehensive account of two giant brands!

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