Dyson Canister Vacuum

Dyson Canister Vacuum Reviews

Vacuums have become a part of our daily lives due to the ever-increasing pollution around us. Everybody wants their house as clean as a new pin but at the same time, they want to save their energy and time.

Dyson has taken care of the cleaning needs and is a leading brand in household appliances since 1991. With the advancement of technology, they have climbed the ladder of success with versatile, affordable, and durable models of vacuum cleaners and Dyson canister vacuums are not to be left behind. Many companies produce canister vacuums and, the leading market is Dyson, which has pushed its boundaries when it comes to technological advancements.

If you are looking for a good canister vacuum, then the Dyson Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum performs its job pretty well. Why? We shall find the reason in this article. So let’s dig deeper into the details

Dyson Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum – Features

You cannot take Dyson Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum lightly when it comes to performance, accessories, durability, and suction power. Have a look at the features in detail below!

Decent And Efficient Design:

This Dyson canister vacuum has a better design as compared to other models. Unlike other vacuums that fall in an upright position, this Dyson Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum picks itself up.

The hose has an articulated design that can move in three directions in the 360-degree direction so that you can clean in any position swiftly with the twist of the wrist. Even though it has a ball-type design it is not too heavy and weighs 17.64 pounds.

You can easily recline it under low furniture like couches and can reach high places that are difficult to clean. It is more compact as the bin is pushed at the back.

Easy To Empty Dust Canister:

With technological improvements, bagless vacuums have come into existence. There is no tension to replace the bags frequently. In the old Dyson canister vacuum, there was a trap door that used to open and the whole casing moved down.

But in Dyson Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum, a rubber mechanism underneath the vacuums pushes dust, dirt, hair, and other statically charged particles in the downward direction.

This improved bin is one fine feature in this model as it is easy to empty because the charged particles don’t pile up in the mesh filter.

More Dust Bin Capacity:

The dust canister is bigger and can hold dust, debris, and other particles up to 0.42 gallons. It makes 1.6 liters of dust. In this way, you don’t have to worry about interrupting your cleaning sessions to empty the dustbin frequently.

No Filtration System:

Cleaning the whole house is itself a huge task and after that when it comes to maintaining the vacuum cleaner which means cleaning the filters is very frustrating.

Dyson claims that the Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum is maintenance-free and it doesn’t have any filters because the dirt directly passes into the dust bin.

The ball of the vacuum cleaner also doesn’t have any filters which make it the first of kind vacuum cleaner in the market. The only thing you need to do is empty the bin once it gets full. Thanks to the large plastic compartment which you don’t have to empty frequently.

The whole-machine HEPA filtration system ensures that the harmful particles and bacteria are trapped inside the canister and the air you breathe remains fresh and harmless.

Ball Technology:

Along with the articulating handle which allows versatile movement Dyson has introduced Ball technology which delivers improved steering and stability.

This helps you to maneuver into difficult spots so that cleaning becomes effective. It turns easily without tugging and even if it falls it stands back by itself.

Cinetic Technology:

The reason behind the no-filter vacuum is the Cinetic technology. It provides powerful suction that eliminates the need for filters and dumps the dirt directly into the dust canister.

Multiple Tools And Attachments:

Dyson Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum comes with many tools and accessories. These include removable brush roll, turbo brush, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Soft and Hard Bristle Brush, and an extension wand.

From cleaning pet hair, tough spots, or upholstery have it all. By using all these tools for different purposes you can surely have a clean house.

Easy Storage:

With multiple tools comes an onboard storage system that allows keeping all the accessories in one place. The removable hose also lets you keep the vacuum any way you want without covering a larger space.

Automatic cord management is also an innovative and convenient feature. The button on the back of the vacuum retracts the 21-feet long power cord back into the body of the vacuum without having it to hold it back down.

Carbon Fibre Turbine Head:

The main cleaning head of the vacuum cleaner has two types of brushes. The stiff nylon brushes work best for high and low pile carpets while the soft bristles pick up statically charged particles from bare floors. If the hair wraps around the brush roll it needs to be removed manually.


Dyson Canister Vacuum ReviewsDyson Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum has many amazing features which we mentioned above. If you don’t have a tight budget, then this vacuum is made for you as it costs around 600$ and available on Amazon.

  • Compact design as compared to older Dyson vacuums
  • No washable filters
  • No recurring costs as it is bagless and without filters
  • Easy Maneuverability
Not So Good
  • Short hose and power cord
  • Expensive
  • The main cleaning head has no motor
  • Doesn’t remove deeply embedded dirt particles on the carpet


All in all, this Dyson canister vacuum model is unique when it comes to technology. Moreover, it has a 5- year warranty, and the accessories and the dirt bin system make it a must-buy high-end product. However, if you have a lower budget there are many options available in the market.

Good luck!

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