Flea Treatment For Puppies 8 Weeks Old

Flea Treatment For Puppies 8 Weeks Old

It is exciting to bring a new puppy at home. While you have eagerly prepared for his arrival, one thing you might have not planned for, which fleas on your young puppy. Fleas can make your puppy miserable by constant scratching and itching. Not only that, a serious flea infestation can cause anemia in puppies as well.

It is necessary to eradicate these fleas. There are many flea treatments available in the market according to the age of the animal. But, there are special considerations when it comes to treating a puppy.

What Is The Appropriate Age For Puppies To Get Flea Treatment

The appropriate treatment for puppies depends upon their age and in some cases, weight. But, the main question is how old should your puppy be to get a flea treatment?

Some products can kill fleas in puppies as young as 6 weeks. If you have a pooch younger than 6 weeks, you will need to remove the fleas using a flea comb or pick them with the help of tweezers. You also need to wash the puppy’s bedding, vacuum your house, and clean other pets in your surroundings.

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites. Dogs are a natural parasite to fleas. Since these fleas take such blood from the puppy’s body it can make them anemic. If your puppy’s gums are pale, contact a vet immediately.

There are two types of flea treatment; one which kills the adult fleas and the second which attacks the eggs and inhibits the growth of the larvae.

Flea prevention treatment that affects the eggs is called the insect growth regulators or IRG. These are highly effective against larvae to develop into adult fleas. It also ends the flea life cycle and prevents future infestation.

There are multiple flea treatments for puppies 8 weeks old and so on, which we shall be discussing below in the article!

Flea Treatments For Puppies Of 6 To 7 Weeks And Older

Not every medication is suitable for every puppy. Your vet will decide a suitable prevention treatment for your puppy is 6 or 7 weeks or older. Below are some options for flea treatment for your little furry friend.


It is a topical medication with Selamectin as an active ingredient. It protects your dog not just from fleas, but also heartworm and ear mites as well.

Like every other flea prevention treatment, you can also buy it only with a prescription from your vet. It comes in a pack of 3 which has 3 dosages and is given once a month. You can easily give it to puppies who are 8 weeks old because Revolution is safe for dogs above 6 weeks.

This topical medication works by entering the bloodstream. As soon as the active ingredient enters the tissues, it prevents the heartworms as well as the fleas from reproducing and mate. It is also an anthelmintic, which means it also expels the worms outside the body.

The side effects or revolution are uncommon. Only 1% of dogs have shown them, which include vomiting, digestive upsets, dilated pupils, staggering, drooling, or pressing their head against the wall.

These symptoms are not usual, if you see and such signs take your puppy to the vet immediately.

  • Fights against both outer and inner worms
  • Treats fleas and other intestinal parasites as well
  • One dosage lasts the whole month
Not So Good
  • Spot treatments can be messy
  • Toxic if ingested by your dog or children
  • Can cause severe symptoms in a few dogs

 Advantage II

 Advantage IIIt is a monthly preventive which offers protection by killing adult fleas, larvae, and eggs. It also prevents lice on dogs. The active ingredient in Advantage II is imidacloprid. It attacks the nervous system of the parasite which causes paralysis and eventually death. After you apply for the medicine, it kills 98-100% of fleas within 12 hours.

The second active ingredient is pyriproxyfen. It is an insect growth regulator. After the female flea lays the egg, pyriproxyfen acts as an insect growth regulator and prevents the eggs from hatching, ending the flea life cycle. The active ingredient in this product kills through contact which means the flea doesn’t have to bite to get killed. Advantage II protects from further flea infestation for up to 4 weeks.

It is suitable for dogs of 7 weeks of age and weighing more than 3 lbs. It comes in multiple dosages according to the weight and size of the dog. Although it is a non-prescription product, you should still consult a vet before starting it. Especially if you’re giving it along with some other pesticide, or your dog is pregnant, nursing, or aged.

  • Convenient to use
  • Monthly administration
  • Kills through contact only
  • Suitable for dogs, cats as well as ferrets
  • Waterproof medication. It remains effective if your puppy gets wet
Not So Good
  • Toxic when ingested and can cause irritation in the eyes
  • Not effective for other types of parasites
  • Topical treatments are messy to use

K9 Advantix II

K9 Advantix IIIt is the top-recommended brand by the vets as it kills fleas of all stages which includes the eggs, pupa, larvae, and adult fleas. This monthly topical medication not only provides comprehensive protection against fleas but many kinds of ticks, which are Deer ticks, American Dog ticks, Brown ticks, and Lone Star ticks.

Like 1. Advantage II, it also kills the parasites only through contact. That means the fleas don’t have to bite and the ticks don’t have to attach themselves to die. The action begins within 12 hours of application and kills 98-100% of the fleas and provides protection up to one month of infestation.

The active ingredients in K9 Advantix II are Imidacloprid, Permethrin, and Pyriproxyfen. The combined action of the former two ingredients repels and kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes by attacking the nervous system and paralyzing them. Pyriproxyfen acts as an insect growth regulator that inhibits the growth of eggs.

It also prevents the transmission of flea and tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, tapeworms, tick paralysis, Ehrlichia, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. As the fleas are killed before biting it also prevents skin allergies caused by their saliva. Not only that, but mosquitoes also die through contact, eliminating the chances of heartworm disease.

K9 Advantix II is suitable for dogs above 7 weeks of age and weighing over 4 lbs. If you have an 8-week old puppy with the correct weight you can easily give it to them.

  • Repels and kills the pesky parasites through contact
  • Easy to administer once a month
  • Waterproof and remains effective if your pooch comes in contact with water or even sunlight
  • Ends flea life cycle by killing the offspring
  • Shows its effect within 12 hours
Not So Good
  • Topical application and spot treatments can be messy
  • Toxic if ingested and can irritate eyes if contacted
  • Not suitable for cats
  • If symptoms don’t dissipate within 24 hours which can cause adverse effects on health

Flea Treatment For Puppies 8 Weeks Old Or More

If your puppy is at least 8 weeks old, you have a wider range to choose from. Have a look at the preventive treatments below:

Frontline Plus

Frontline PlusIt is a monthly topical flea treatment for both dogs and cats. It kills 10% of fleas within 12 hours and ticks and chewing lice within 48 hours. The active ingredient in Frontline Plus is S-methoprene. It is an insect growth regulator. It kills flea eggs and larvae and is effective against all stages of Brown Dog tick, American Dog tick, Lone star tick, and deer tick which is a major carrier of Lyme disease.

It is suitable for cats and dogs over 8 weeks of age and comes in a pack of 3 which has 2 dosages to be given monthly.

It also contains fipronil which is a slow-acting poison and broad-spectrum pesticides, that disrupts the nervous system of the pesky parasites that leads to death. On the other hand, S-Methoprene, an insect growth regulator kills the eggs and larvae of fleas and ticks.

Frontline Plus comes in different dosages according to the size of the dog. Minor irritation on the site of application for a short period is okay. If the irritation persists, contact a vet immediately.

  • A single application provides one-month protection
  • Eradicates fleas within 12 hours and ticks within 48 hours
  • Great for dogs who love to swim because it is waterproof
Not So Good
  • Harmful for humans if swallowed
  • Can be irritating when contacted with eyes

NexGard Chewables

This is a revolutionary flea and tick preventive treatment that makes it so easy to protect the puppies even if they are 8 weeks old.

NexGard Chewables is from the makers of frontline and is a top recommended by vets. It is one of a kind as they are soft beefy-flavored chewable tablets that dogs love. It protects your furry friend from both ticks and flea infestation for 30 days.

The active ingredient used in NexGard Chewables is afoxolaner. It works by absorbing rapidly in the bloodstream and attacks the nervous system which paralyzes these pesky parasites.

The active ingredient, afoxolaner, gradually secretes in your puppy’s metabolism whose effect lasts up to 30 days. Like most of the prevention treatments, this one is only available after your vet prescribes. If your pet has a history of seizures, they won’t prescribe you this prevention treatment.

It protects against multiple types of ticks which include American dog tick, Black-legged tick, and Lone Star tick. Your puppy must be 8 weeks old or more and weigh around 4 lbs, only then it is suitable for them.

Although adverse symptoms occur rarely in dogs, some of them can be’ dry or flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy, and loss of appetite. If you observe these signs, contact a vet immediately.

If you suspect that your dog has missed one dosage, you can re-dose the full dosage with or without regular food.

  • Not messy and washing problems like topical treatments
  • Safe to use alongside heartworm prevention
  • Easy-to-use and monthly administration
  • Beefy-flavour which dogs love
Not So Good
  • Not tested on breeding, lactating, or pregnant dogs
  • Adverse symptoms can also lead to death


This is another chewable tablet that offers protection against fleas, heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. This beef-flavored chewable tablet is all-in-one as it prevents multiple diseases in one medication. Trifexis chewable tablets are made for puppies 8 weeks old or more and weigh more than 5 lbs. Like NexGard, you cannot buy Trifexis without a prescription from your vet.

The active ingredient in this medicine is spinosad and milbemycin oxime. These two ingredients go hand in hand and protect against fleas, heartworms, and other intestinal parasites. It starts to work within 30 minutes of ingestion and kills 100% of all biting fleas within 4 hours. For heartworms, it prevents the microfilariae from growing into adult heartworms.

Before the vet prescribes this medicine, your puppy will be tested for heartworms. Otherwise, it can be lethal for your little furry friend.

If your pooch is less than 14 weeks, you may notice some symptoms like vomiting and digestive upsets. If the vomiting occurs within 1 hour of giving the medicine, you re-dose them with full dosage. Ensure that you feed this preventive medicine with food so that it is easy for your pooch to digest.

Severe symptoms of this medication look like; diarrhea, increased thirst, vocalization, increased appetite, cough, decreased activity, and itching, you should consult a vet immediately.

  • Kills all biting fleas within 4 hours
  • All-in-one medicine for pesky parasites including heartworms
  • Hassle-free unlike topical treatments
Not So Good


  • Cannot be used in breeding or lactating dogs
  • Not suitable for puppies with a history of epilepsy or seizures
  • Doesn’t protect against ticks


Fleas can be extremely bothering for your puppy. But, being a pet owner you should take care of their health and provide them with the best health treatment.

If you want these prevention treatments to work fully, you should keep your house clean. Avoid giving your puppy, rodents, or uncooked food, like fish or meat, as it has a lot of unhealthy bacteria, including fleas and ticks.

To prevent reinfection, you also clean up the stools daily. Because, at the end of the day, proper hygiene is very necessary. Although cleaning up stools and maintaining constant hygiene of your little furry bundle of love may be stressful, but trust me no matter how hard it gets, those kisses and licks make it all worth it!

 Happy Petting!

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