Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Review – All You Need To Know

Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Review – All You Need To Know

Every pet owner should know that pests such as fleas and ticks can affect their animals every season. It is wrong to assume that the pests only attack during the warm season. The truth is that the pests are there throughout the year, concealed in their hideouts then and attacking undetected. They might not be seen with the naked eye, but they are there. For this reason, you need a lasting solution for the pests, to keep your pets protected throughout the year.

You might now be wondering how you are going to combat the fleas and ticks’ problem all year round. Well, worry no more. Hartz has designed pest control products that will solve that little problem with unmatched efficiency. One of those products is Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for ticks and fleas’ management.

We have prepared this Hartz Ultra Guard Pro review to give you an insight into the product’s features. You will get to know how the product will be useful for your pets as well as some downsides customers have found on this drug. Even as you consider purchasing this product, remember that your pet comes first.

You don’t want to end up harming your dog or cat while trying to take care of it. It is for this reason that we are recommending that you don’t treat all your pets with this drug at first.

Every Hartz Ultra Guard Pro review has revealed that the product kills ticks and fleas at a rate that is unseen in any other pest control product. If you have irritating lice in your house because you keep your pets there, try this brand because it has been found to eliminate them as well.

Simply identify the areas that are most affected by the pests such as the ears, around the tail, and the feet then apply Hartz Ultra Guard Pro.

Brief History

Almost every pet owner has heard about Hartz. For almost a century now, this company has been producing excellent pest control products. However, the company has had its humble beginnings which shaped it into a leading pest control company. It was not until the 1960s when the company gained global recognition for coming up with a collar for dogs and cats against diseases. This invention revolutionized how pests affecting pets could be fought off without subjecting the animal to too long treatment procedures.

Hartz has since earned itself a reputation as the most trusted pet protection products supplier in the United States and around the world. When asked what their secrets are? They have always cited the uniqueness of the products and minding their customers’ demands.

These sentiments are reflected in the kind of Hartz Ultra Guard Pro review given online by people who have used the product. The product is uniquely packed alongside supporting items. The packaging has also undergone changes aimed at enhancing the product’s safety.

Hartz has seen so many successes in the industry that it has acquired smaller companies dealing with the same line of products. You may not have recognized these smaller companies because some of them operate under different names but you will always know a product that is associated with Hartz.

Hartz’s Breakthrough

As mentioned, Hartz’s many years of experience with pest control products are a result of many experiments with products you may never have seen. For them to end up with a product that eliminates ticks and fleas, means they have put a lot of effort in terms of resources.

Hartz Ultra Guard Pro is one of its masterpieces after thorough research on fleas and ticks in cats and dogs. Based on the review by customers, it is the best prevention and treatment solution for flea and tick infestation. However, don’t be carried away by what customers say about the product. Always take the initiative of finding out for yourself. Luckily, we are here to share what we know about Hartz Ultra Guard Pro with you.

Designs and Varieties

If you have gone through some ticks and fleas’ product reviews out there, you must have realized that each one of them has its pros and cons. However, what you always go for is a product that has fewer flaws than the rest. That might be quite an uphill task given that you may be forced to buy and use a particular product to know if it is good or not.

Luckily, reviews such as this one will always give you an insight into a particular product before you commit your money.

While designing this particular product, Hartz has taken into consideration pets that may have an adverse reaction to Hartz Ultra Guard Pro. For this reason, the different types out there are so that you can choose a product that works best with your pet.

Hartz Ultra Guard Pro comes in two main varieties; one for dogs and the other for cats. Aside from that, some varieties are unique to a certain age of the pet. While purchasing any Hartz Ultra Guard Pro product, always make sure it is the right one for your pet. Read the label properly to see the specification of the drug concerning the pet’s age and weight.

Some varieties of the drug have a different dosage for pets of various ages. Normally, a larger pet will require more of the drug than a smaller one. That means the product is meant for bigger pets in a bigger package than one for smaller pets.

Mode of Use

You only need to apply one dose of Hartz Ultra Guard Pro on your pet to realize the full benefits. The drug comes in a single tube that is one dose. You only need to mind your dog’s or cat’s age when buying it, because it comes in different tubes for different ages. Hartz is usually strict with the dosage because it is the only way the product can be effective.

Just like every other drug, Hartz Ultra Guard Pro can cause adverse effects on the animal when overdosed. Using a dose that is less than the recommended means the pet will not be adequately protected from pests.

Cats are generally about the same size, so the dosage is always the same. However, there are more options for dogs since the size varies greatly from about five to 150 pounds.

Frequency of Application

You may be wondering how often you should apply Hartz Ultra Guard Pro on your pet. Since the product kills the pests for 30 days in a row, it means you should apple it monthly. However, you can apply it every fortnight if the environment your pets stay in makes them prone to frequent attacks by ticks and fleas.

Is Product Effective?

Any product there can kill pests such as fleas and ticks. But the question is, how effective is it in protecting the animal from future infestation? As you may be aware, most of the pests are found in the environment, like dust and another habitat. How sure are you that more fleas will not come and attack the pet once you kill the current ones?

Better still, have you eliminated the entire generation of the pest in the animal’s immediate habitat? If you don’t have a ‘yes’ for all these questions, then you have not yet found an efficient product.

Hartz Ultra Guard Pro review by customers shows it eliminates ticks and fleas and prevents re-infestation for a period of up to 30 days. Most importantly, the formula kills all the flea larvae and eggs before they mature and hatch respectively. And that is what sets Hartz Ultra Guard Pro apart.

Who Needs It?

Virtually every home has a pet. A pet that is not taken good care of is not only prone to diseases but it can also bring the owner ailments. Also, most pests that affect pets such as fleas and lice will attack humans with the first chance they get. You will not only be protecting the animal but you will also be doing yourself great service.


This Hartz Ultra Guard Pro review has been prepared to give you a detailed insight into the product. After going through the details, you will be in a position to decide whether it is worth your money or not. If you care about your pet and wouldn’t want to end up using a substandard product on it, you will choose Hartz Ultra Guard Pro. This product has gotten relatively positive reviews from people who have used it to control fleas and ticks on their pets.

Choosing this particular product comes with extra responsibility. You must always ensure you go home with the right product, a genuine one. Additionally, the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed properly if you want to experience the product’s full benefits.

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