Hoover Windtunnel Reviews

Hoover Windtunnel Reviews

With the invention of vacuum cleaners, our lives are much easier when it comes to cleaning our house. The pollution in our environment doesn’t let our homes get away with dust very easily. Hence, we need an exceptional vacuum which keeps our houses neat and tidy. Many top brands are producing house- cleaning appliances and Hoover is one of them.

Hoover is a leader in the floor-care industry, which has been manufacturing high-quality vacuums since 1908. They aim to provide reliable, and innovative cleaning solutions.

For this reason, they have come up with a product which goes by the name Hoover WindTunnel Air. If you have pets and bare floors in your house, this will be a perfect choice.

It also has many other features, which we shall be discussing below in this article!

Hoover WindTunnel Air Features

Hoover WindtunnelThe Hoover WindTunnel Air is not a premium vacuum cleaner but you can get the job done without blowing your budget. If you have hardwood flooring, this cleaner will do a great job. For further details, let’s dive below!


  1. Design:

This bagless upright vacuum has a sturdy design, with a decent look, and weighs only 13 pounds. Most of the upright vacuum cleaners weigh more and it becomes difficult to move them around.

But the Hoover WindTunnel Air moves swiftly with a twist of the wrist. The cleaning path width is 11 inches which do the job well in places that are wider with the ability to adjust the height and recline so that it reaches every tough spot of your house or low furniture like couches. It is easy to assemble and you do not need any extra tools for this cleaner.


  1. Power:

One of the important indicators of a good vacuum is motor amperage. It means the greater the motor amp the more it will use electricity and provide suction power.

Hoover WindTunnel Air has an 11-amp motor, which is fairly a big size for an upright vacuum cleaner. The power cord length is 30 feet, which makes it an exceptional appliance for moving in several places.


  1. Cleaning Technology:

This model comes with multi-cyclonic technology, which means the vacuum will not lose suction and you can clean your rooms quickly without wasting any minute. As the name suggests, the vacuum also has WindTunnel technology. This feature creates suction to pull dirt and debris which are deeply embedded on multiple surfaces.

You can use Hoover WindTunnel Air on multiple surfaces like carpets or bare floors. If you wish to clean carpets or rugs, it does a good job due to the motorized brush along with the Windtunnel technology which is best suited for low to medium pile carpets. For stairs, the telescopic wand can be detached and the floor tool inserted below the handle, for easy cleaning.

For bare floors, the main floor attachment has a motorized brush, perfect for hardwood or tile flooring, and the other attachment with soft bristles works well with really dusty areas.


  1. Filtration System:

As much as your home requires cleaning, vacuum cleaners want it too. Without it, your vacuum cleaner will not provide effective cleaning.

Hoover has a washable filtration system inserted in their vacuums and Hoover WindTunnel Air has a second filtration system with a HEPA filter. It forces air through the fine mesh which traps small particles of dust, debris, pet hair, and even pollen.

Hoover advises cleaning the main foam filter every two months so that it works as good as new. The secondary HEPA filter cannot be washed but you can clean it by tapping on the bin as it is located on the side of the canister. You should clean it every month so that the dust doesn’t hinder the cleaning performance.


  1. Attachments and Accessories:

This bagless vacuum cleaner has a motorized brush system and it comes with multiple attachments like; 3-in-1 dusting brush suited best for multiple surfaces, a Crevice Tool, for tough spots and low furniture, an Upholstery brush, and an extension wand.

You can fit the 3-in-1 dusting brush on the telescopic wand. It will help you save space.


  1. Pet Hair:

Most people catch allergies from pet hair yet they keep them. Keeping this in mind, Hoover has attached the motorized brush. It is an effective tool for removing pet hair around the house.


  1. Dust Canister:

With the invention of bagless vacuums, getting rid of dirt has become an easy process. Hoover bagless vacuums have an easy to empty dust bin and contactless too. You don’t need to touch the dirt to empty the cup. The capacity of the cup is 1.5L which means you can complete multiple rooms in one go without interrupting the cleaning session and emptying it time and again.


  1. Warranty:

Hoover delivers a 2-year warranty on its vacuum cleaners and can also provide replacements if you have a broken tool or a faulty product.

On the website, it says a 2-year warranty but on the product, it says 3-years. So, we aren’t quite sure which one is correct.


  1. Price:

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on house-cleaning appliances, which is okay. Then, the WindTunnel Air vacuum by Hoover comes at an affordable price of 140$. It is convenient for everyday use and also comes with multiple attachments, dual cleaning technology, and multiple filters. We believe that this vacuum is a total steal in this price range.

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Easy to the empty dust cup
  • Great for and hardwood floors
  • Strong suction power
Not So Good


  • Not effective for pet hair as it doesn’t have a mini motorized brush
  • No storage space for other tools
  • Doesn’t remove dirt from carpet more effectively as compared to bare floors



Vacuum cleaners are the need of this hour, it ensures that your house is free of even the tiniest dust particles. People with pets and dust allergies have a dire need for vacuum cleaners.

Hence, Hoover WindTunnel Air is the perfect choice if you have a limited budget, as it has all the features for everyday cleaning. Good luck fellas!

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