K9 Advantix II Small Dogs

K9 Advantix II Small Dogs

Animals are meant to be loved. They are not as dangerous as we think of them. Animals need a dose of love, and they are all yours. Speaking of animals, and explicitly talking about human-friend animals, how can anyone forget dogs? Dogs, the cutest and the most loyal of all animals. They could become your best friends in time of need or when you feel low. They change your tiring day into a happy day as soon as you reach home. To them, you are everything from a loyal friend to a concerned parent. They love you wholeheartedly and are super loyal. In the dog’s case, it is not wrong to say that sometimes they are even more loyal and caring to you than any other human around you.

Wild dogs are generally more tolerant and resistant to diseases. On the contrary, pet dogs are sensitive even to minor infections. Small dogs need more care and attention from their owners. Pet dogs, especially small ones, are more susceptible to get attacked by fleas and ticks.

What are fleas and ticks? 

Fleas and ticks are tiny bugs that cause skin rashes and inflammation on the skin. They are one of the reasons for scabies in humans. They crawl into the fur close to the skin and sucks blood. They multiply very fast, and it could be quite dangerous to a small dog. Flea and tick can cause redness, irritation, and skin infection to your dog. The dog attacked by these tiny monsters must be taken to the doctor immediately.

Why do fleas and ticks attack dogs? 

Fleas and ticks are pesky insects. The soft, clean, and warm fur of dogs serve as a comfortable living place to them. Their relationship with dogs is not a new thing for us. They find small dogs an easy target as these small dogs roam around freely in the house and garden. They are exposed to fleas and ticks.

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are treated using different products, including K9 Advantix II, for small dogs. Let’s dig into some details about this wonder product.

K9 Advantix II Small Dogs 

K9 Advantix II Small DogsK9 Advantix II is the best product for small dogs to get rid of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. It is manufactured by Bayer Animal Health. It comes in a tube in the form of a cream or semi-liquid product (not completely runny like oils). The product comes in different weight packaging, 0.1 pounds being the best seller. It is recommended for dogs weighing 4-10 lbs. It is written on the packaging that cats are not allowed to use it. K9 Advantix II is an improved formula and safe for pet dogs. The ingredients are non-toxic to potentially less toxic.

What is best in K9 Advantix II  

  • It is recommended by an authentic veterinary doctor. It is approved by the FDA and is considered safe to be applied to the dog’s skin.
  • It gives instant results. The action begins within 10 minutes after the first application. It provides effective and visible results.
  • It does not sting or irritate when applied to a dog’s fur. Mostly, the products like these cause a burning sensation to the animal that is quite uncomfortable for them. You can trust this product as it does not sting at all.
  • The best thing about K9 Advantix II is that it can kill fleas and ticks in every stage of their life. As we know, bugs and insects have different life stages. Each of these stages is handled differently. Sometimes a separate solution is required for the treatment but not with this product. It offers to kill fleas and ticks in whatever stage they are.
  • It is very easy to apply and convenient to use. The creamy texture of the product absorbs very quickly into the skin under the fur. Rubbing for a long time is not required.
  • K9 Advantix II comes in user-friendly packaging. The tube is made of eco-friendly material. It is not difficult to store the product, as well. Just keep it out of children’s reach and place it in a dry place.
  • It not only kills fleas and ticks but also repels flies and lice. Both of these are common dog parasites.
  • It is manufactured explicitly for dogs as the packaging clearly shows ‘Do not use on cats.’

What is not good in K9 Advantix II Small Dogs? 

  • The packaging does not come with an expiration date. This needed to be fixed as the buyers should know when the product is getting expired. Using an expired product is of no use to the poor animal.
  • The product is a bit expensive. This one can be compensated as the health of your little one is more important for you.

How do you know the dog is attacked by fleas? 

  • If your dog is continuously scratching itself from its paws or against walls, it is the first sign that your dog might be having fleas or ticks.
  • If your dog is seen biting itself very often and having a hair loss patch, it also points to your dog being under attack from fleas and ticks.
  • The redness and bumpiness of the skin are also among the symptoms of flea infection.

Final Verdict 

Who likes a dog who is always scratching itself around you? Well, nobody. Pet dogs are our responsibility as they are our family members. If they are happy and healthy, ultimately, we will be happy. Just like our kids, small dogs need extra care and affection from you. Their problem is your problem. Fleas and ticks can never be ignored. Despite being tiny, they can pose serious health concerns. If the dog gets infected with fleas having Lyme, it could become a matter of life and death to the animal. K9 Advantix II is a wonderful product and convenient to use. It is suggested by doctors and approved by the FDA. It can be applied to every dog breed. It is available worldwide and can be ordered from any of your trusted websites.


Happy Petting 🙂

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