Luvsome Dog Food

Luvsome Dog Food

Dogs are undoubtedly the cutest and the most loyal creatures on this planet. Wanting to own a dog? Let us tell you one thing; it is a great idea. They are furious yet very calm with their owners. They play around the house and help you with many things. Pet dogs are adorable and welcoming.

They are easily adjusted into a house and look after the house as their own. Dogs have different breeds. Some are wild and cannot be tamed, while others are quite friendly and can live with humans. They are considered one of the most loyal and trustworthy animals. They serve as human bodyguards and are used by the military to search for clues. They guard the house and take care of the kids at home. They always call for help when something unusual happens.

What dogs eat?

No matter what breed they belong to, dogs are always carnivorous. Carnivore animals are those who eat meat and animal-based products. Dogs have sharp canines for capturing and tearing the flesh. Explicitly talking about pet dogs, they eat dog food that comes in packaging. They can also be served fresh raw meat or it could be cooked. Bone, some fruits, and vegetable slices along with rice are some of the food items eaten by pet dogs. Owners must serve them good and hygienic food for better mental and physical health.

Luvsome Dog Food

Luvsome is a dog food brand working since 1883. Kroger, the grocery store, owns the brand and also sells it. Kroger is based in the United States and has 3000 branches all over the States. Luvsome has a variety of product ranges, including dog food, cat food, fish food, and food for other small animals. Luvsome also offers special food for puppies. Its recipe is different from the senior dog’s food. The brand is trustworthy and considered reliable by the customers. Luvsome dog food comes in three forms

  • Dry food
  • Wet food
  • Dog treats

Luvsome dog food ingredients

The brand uses real meat (not processed) in their products. Along with meat as the number one ingredient, Luvsome dog food contains additional nutritious ingredients as well. The ingredients as a whole are categorized into meat content and non-meat content.

  1. Meat as an ingredient

Luvosme dog food has chicken, beef, turkey, trout, tuna, whitefish, and salmon meat. All these meat options are healthy and have their benefits in several ways. They make sure to combine red and white meat in a balanced proportion. Some products are wholly red meat-based, whereas some are only fish-based. These ingredients are easily available and are affordable. Meat ingredients provide necessary carbohydrates and proteins, which are essential for a dog’s diet. They are easily digested and make excess energy for dogs to perform activities and stay active all day.

  1. Non-meat ingredients

Besides meat, Luvsome adds plant-based ingredients in dog food, including corn, wheat, soya bean meal, corn gluten meal, brewers rice, and animal fat. These are somehow low-quality ingredients. They serve as meat binders and are less nutritious as compared to meat.

  1. Additional ingredients

Oatmeal and barley, the two highly nutritious food items, are also a part of Luvsome dog food. They provide minerals, vitamins, and fibers to the animal. These ingredients are beneficial for quick and easy digestion and better stool.

Some Luvsome dog food products also contain peas. Pea is a healthy and nutritious vegetable. It provides proteins required for metabolism.

Luvsome dog food variants

Luvsome Dog FoodIt comes in different flavors. Luvsome dog food is not only healthy but yummy for the dogs too. The names of the flavors are so tempting that even you want to try it for once. How could anyone not be attracted to turkey stew with noodles and flaked trout dinner? Yes, they are Luvsome dog food flavors. These come in different ways. You can ask for cans, boxes, or packets of Luvsome dog food. The weight and quantity of the product vary in each of them. They could be in a 13 oz packaging or 3.6 oz one.

  • It is an affordable dog food brand. The quantity and quality of the dog food are highly up to the mark and suitable for animal diet.
  • Luvsome dog food has nutritious ingredients that provide essential amino acids, proteins, and a desirable quantity of carbohydrates.
  • The brand offers dog food in three forms: dry, wet, and treats. This is helpful for the owners to select from these options that are best suited to their dogs.
  • The food comes in different flavors. They are all loved by dogs.
  • The packaging is quite reliable, and it comes in different sizes.
Not So Good
  • Some non-meat ingredients provide extra carbohydrates, which are not required. Proteins, vitamins, and minerals are generally needed for metabolism. Excess carbohydrate is a health concern.
  • Luvsome dog food is a United States-based dog food product. You have to import it from there if you live in other countries but love to give this product to your dog.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can we give Luvsome dog food to Siberian husky?

Ans: Yes, it can be given to the mentioned breed of dog. It is designed for dogs of every kind.

Q: What is the daily dosage of Luvsome dog food, or in what quantity it should be given to the dog?

Ans: You can give it thrice a day. The average dog food bowl should be quarter to full in each serving for adult dogs. If it is a puppy, make it half or less.

Q: Is it okay if we give Luvsome dog food to sick dogs having some health issues?

Ans: It is okay to serve the animal with this but always takes recommendations from the vet first.

Final Verdict

Luvsome dog food is good quality, economical and nutritious. Dogs can be served twice or thrice, depending upon their daily activity and weight. It has a lot of delicious flavors, and each loved equally by the dogs. It is digestible and easily chewable. Hope you liked the article, and let us know if you have any queries!

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