Pedigree vs. Purina

Pedigree vs. Purina

 Pet food is necessary

Pets are our family and taking care of family is the inherent nature of human beings. We want our pets to play around us, and keep our homes full of positivity with the sparkle of their eyes. Good meals play a sufficient role in making sure that our pets live a quality life and that too long enough. Most stray animals are found dead because there is no one to take care of their diets and hence they often feed on harmful stuff, resulting in their deaths.

Many companies are working to provide quality supplements to pets. Pedigree, owned by Mars Inc., and Purina by Nestle are one of them. Both these brands are famous in today’s world for their pet food, especially for dogs and cats.

In today’s read, we will find out which brand is better for your pet based on the properties of each product.

Guaranteed Analysis

AAFCO works to provide a better lifestyle to animals and keeps check on the pet food manufacturers to maintain a quality product for the animals. According to AAFCO, every pet food product must label the guaranteed analysis of the nutrient contents present in their recipe. This analysis requires the companies to list down the minimum percentage of crude protein and fats while the maximum percentage of water and fiber. This system makes sure that an exceptional product, which is safe for every pet to consume, exists in the market.

Crude Protein comparison

Protein is important for any living body to sustain. The same is the case for dogs. They require twenty-two amino acids in total to maintain natural metabolism. Twelve of these amino acid chains are produced by their bodies but the remaining ten have to be consumed from external sources. Protein supplements fulfill this need of the dog’s body and keep them healthy and active.

There is a lot of difference between the protein content provided by both competitors: Pedigree and Purina. Pedigree offers a much less protein quantity than it is provided by Purina. In both dry food and wet food variants, Purina exceeds more than 5 percent of the crude protein than Pedigree.

The fiber content of both brands is almost the same as a negligible difference.

Crude Fats comparison

Fat is as important as other nutrients in a balanced diet for pets. Pets need almost 10 percent of the total meal as fats, as defined by AAFCO. It is important for their healthy growth, healing capacity, balancing the energy, and also keeping their bodies warm enough. Fats also produce prostaglandins in dog’s bodies that help in reducing inflammation in their bodies. When the quantity of fat in both Pedigree and Purina are compared, again, Purina takes the trophy, since it has 5.5 percent more fat contents present than that provided by Pedigree. This difference cannot be ignored and holds a vital place in defining Purina as a much better product when it comes to quality.

Flavors and Variety

The flavor is something one cannot resist, be it an animal or a human being. Every living being wanted his meals to be pleasing to the tongue and enjoyable. Pedigree and Purina serve the pets with a lot of flavors. They have multiple variants of chicken, beef, rice, oats, and corn. Taste is usually developed by mixing two or more ingredients with multiple products. But as per consumer views, Pedigree offers much more in terms of variety than Purina. Pedigree provides not only simple daily meals but also snack treats and canned substitutes.

Although Purina provides higher flavors of meat and bones in its rather few variants. Which is much beneficial to the health of dogs and cats and also more according to their taste buds.

 Company Recalls

  • Because pedigree adds a long list of unwanted by-products in its recipe, it has been called by the officials to give proper justifications.
  • Purina has been called once in 2013, due to the presence of Salmonella
  • Pedigree has been called once in 2014 as the presence of metal fragments was found in the pet food but the situation got worse when the company was recalled again in the same year due to concerned level presence of unknown foreign material.
  • Pedigree is very affordable since the quantity per packet is insanely great.
  • Renowned brand name
  • Easily available around the world, as the company spreads its products internationally
  • A lot of variants to choose from
  • Includes treats
  • Does not contain synthetic vitamin K
Not So Good
  • Meat and bones are considered secondary ingredients in it and most of the content is corn or plant-based.
  • The presence of vegetable oil is not good for the consumption of pets.
  • Not appreciable digestibility of pedigree food.
  • The presence of artificial food colors is also concerning
  • Uses cheap fillers
  • Good digestibility as corn is present in lesser quantity
  • The primary source of protein is chicken
  • Includes the great amount of meat and bone products
  • Uses better quantities of healthier ingredients.
  • Lesser by-products added to the recipe
  • Good for customized diets
Not So Good
  • Much expensive than other brands

Not easily available in the market, since it focuses mainly on the American market only

Contains synthetic Vitamin K

Price Comparison

Purina is generally an expensive brand compared to Pedigree because obviously, its contents are much healthier than later. Here is a deep analysis of the price ratios of both brands.

Starting with the dry food, Purina by Nestle costs $1.34 per pound of the product, while the same quantity costs only $0.84 for Pedigree. Per calorie cost of Purina is again greater, i.e $0.0008 while the per calorie cost of Pedigree is $0.0005

The cost of wet food varies from the dry flavors, therefore, let’s break it down separately. Purina costs $1.64 for each pound of the product, while it only costs $1.40 per pound of Pedigree. Per calorie cost of Purina is $.00003 while it is $0.00032 of pedigree, which isn’t a noticeable difference. But overall, Purina is much more expensive than Pedigree.


Both brands are good enough to make sure that your pet lives a healthy life and does not fall prey to any disease. But Purina is a winner here as their ingredients are much better in quality than the Pedigree’s. Generally, it is suggested that you should never feed your pet a single type of food. Instead, try feeding him a mixture of different products. This habit will develop a sense of commodity in them, so whenever you’re in a situation when one product isn’t available, your pet can easily survive without it.

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