Revolution vs Advantage Multi

Revolution vs Advantage Multi

Undoubtedly Fleas and ticks are an annoyance, and they can cause everything from flea allergy dermatitis to tapeworms. These become a real threat to your pet’s health. Fleas lead your pet to scratch and bite himself, and your pet can lose his hair too!

A dog can become infected quickly with fleas as these fleas reproduce rapidly, and one female flea can produce about 2,000 eggs in its lifespan of three weeks. Crazy, right? There are about 2500 different species of fleas that exist in the world.

Many flea treatment products are available in the market to keep your feline free from crawly creepy fleas and ticks. Revolution and Advantage Multi are two such products to treat fleas in dogs. These are considered the most effective parasite preventatives for a human’s furry friend.

This couple of medications is the most-admired treatment option to keep your fidos healthy. Both of the treatments are effective, but they have some differences also. Here is a complete comparison with the pros and cons of these two products that will help pet owners decide which medication is best for their pet dog.

Differences and similarities between Revolution and Advantage Multi:

Two of these medications have several similarities and differences. Here is the complete detail of their advantages and disadvantages according to similar and different properties:

  • Similarities between Revolution and Advantage Multi:

Some of the common properties of Revolution and Advantage Multi are:

  • These two medications are applied every month to control topical fleas and ticks in dogs and cats.
  • Revolution and Advantage Multi are liquid medications that can be easily applied on the skin between the shoulder blades of the pet so your pet can’t lick them off.
  • Both of these medications start killing fleas within 12 hours.
  • Both are considered safe for use in young puppies. Revolution can be used for young puppies from the age of 6 weeks onwards, while the Advantage Multi can be used from 7 weeks.
  • This couple of parasite preventatives also targets roundworms, hookworms, ear mites, and sarcoptic mange.
  • These two medications effectively prevent your pet dog from heartworm disease also. Revolution effectively controls American dog tick infestations, while the Advantage Multi can kill the Microfilaria present in tested heartworm positive dogs.
  • Both the products are monthly doses that are easy to use, and with a simple applicator tube, these can be applied to the skin.


  • Dissimilarities between Revolution and Advantage Multi:

Differences are also present in these two products that make these two apart from one and other:

Active ingredients:

Selamectin is the active ingredient present in Revolution that targets both eggs and adult fleas. In addition to it, Revolution is also helpful in controlling the infestation by American dog ticks, and it can reduce the fleas issue by about 90% just within one month of use. Selamectin, as an effective neurotoxin, paralyzes the fleas to stop them from eating. Fleas start dying slowly and fall off from the pet’s body. Revolution cannot kill eggs and larva, but it stops the adult from completing their reproductive cycle.

Advantage Multi has a mix of two ingredients Imidacloprid and Moxidectin. Imidacloprid mimics nicotine to destroy the nervous system of fleas by absorbing it into the hair coat and the skin of a pet dog. Moxidectin absorbs into the bloodstream through the skin and paralyzes them. It also reduces the inner parasite movement and affects adult worms’ infertility.

 Availability of the product:

You cannot buy a Revolution without the prescription of your vet doctor. On the other hand, Advantage Multi is available over the counter and needs no prescription; you can even buy it online.

Effective on pests:

Both of these products target a number of the same internal and external parasites effectively.

Revolution covers a broader range of pests that include heartworm, ticks, and common parasites like ear mites and scabies. Revolution also offers protection from ticks.

Advantage Multi mainly targets flea infestation and chewing lice infestation. In case of having ticks prevalent in an area, it is necessary to add tick protection.

Sensitivity reputation:

Revolution has ingredients with a very unfamiliar reputation, and it may cause few reactions like digestive problems and initial hair loss. It is a good option for breeding pregnant or lactating dogs.

The advantage is gentle on the pet’s skin and deals effectively with flea issues without being harsh to your feline’s skin. You need to concern your vet doctor to use Advantage Multi for pregnant, breeding, or lactating dogs.

Pros and Cons of Revolution:



  • Easy to apply, just squeeze it onto your dog’s skin
  • Stops the development of heartworm larvae development
  • It can be given to puppies at just 6 weeks of age with a weight less than 5lbs
Not So Good


  • It is ineffective against ticks
  • Abortive against adult heartworm infection

Pros & Cons of Advantage Multi:

  • It can be given to puppies just 3lbs weight
  • Easy to apply on skin
  • Protects against heartworm disease and attack microfilaria to stop them from getting matured
Not So Good


  • Not effective against ticks
  • In collie and collie cross breeds, it may cause severe side effects in rare situations.

Is it effective to combine flea treatments?

No! it is not advised to combine both of these treatments without consulting your veterinarian. Combining products that target the same parasite may result in causing adverse reactions, illness, and even in the generation of fatal compounds in your furry friend.

What is our recommendation?

Your pooch needs a comprehensive treatment to deal with the issue of parasites like fleas, ticks, and heartworms. Among both, the given products Revolution provides more comprehensive treatment rather than Advantage Multi.

Final word:

Revolution can be considered the most effective all-purpose treatment to keep under control most of your pup’s pest’s issues. It treats long-term skin problems and issues related to skin and ears. Revolution not only deals with the fleas but also helps with scabies and ear mites.

Advantage Multi sometimes appears more appropriate for dogs with ultrasensitive skin conditions as it is not very strong like Revolution.

With all of these benefits, there is a little issue of getting a prescription from your vet doctor that can be overwhelming, but it is just no price to keep your furry friend happy and protected from skin issues.

If your pet dog tested positive for heartworm, Advantage Multi is maybe the perfect product to treat infections. Make sure to speak to your veterinarian before starting your dog on flea treatment.

 All the best!

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