Shark Rocket Duo Reviews

Shark Rocket Duo Reviews

Vacuums are an essential part of cleaning our homes nowadays. You cannot expect your house to look as clean as a new pin without having a vacuum cleaner at home. And finding a good match for your household is a tough task. To help you out, we have come up with an amazing review.

Shark is a leading name when it comes to house cleaning appliances like vacuums. It has grown globally and has set a footprint in the world of upright, cordless, and robot vacuums. With a massively positive response to their Rocket series, they have come up with another line of cleaners which is Shark Rocket Duo.

Main Features Of The Product

Shark Rocket Duo ReviewsThe Shark Rocket Duo Clean has an exceptional upright design which is lightweight. You can use the vacuum cleaner on almost all types of floors. Ranging from low pile carpets to hard floors, Shark Rocket does an exceptional job.

There are also other unique specs and features that this product has. Take a look below!

DuoClean Technology:

Most of the companies have added a motorized brush system in their vacuum cleaners. However, Shark Rocket has gained an edge here by adding another brush roll in front of the bristled motorized brush. This helps in picking up the dirt, debris, and bristles more precisely.

The DuoClean technology is not new but Shark has smartly used this. The vacuums with low profile head cleaner push the dirt and the roller would pull it in. No doubt, this technology prevents the “snowplow” effect that occurs on stick vacuum but Shark adapted the idea and combined it with a stiff-bristled brush that delivers agitation on carpets.

The combination of soft roller and bristled brush gives it the name of DuoClean. The company placed it on the front of the main cleaner as it will help in pulling the large and small particles from carpet or bare floors.

Brushroll Garage:

Cleaning the house is itself a huge task and when it comes to maintaining the cleaner, everyone wants it to be hassle-free.

If we talk about the older models of Shark vacuum cleaners, you were supposed to flip the large cleaning head, unscrew some areas to access the motorized brush.

Now, as the technology has advanced, Shark has made changes in its products too and has made this part removable without using any extra tools. The mechanism only consists of hinges that plug in or out.

There is no need to have a screwdriver in hand to clean the brush, all you need to do is pop out the cover and clean the brushes. Shark calls this design improvement as “Brushroll garage”.

There you go! Cleaning the cleaner has just become easy with Shark Rocket DuoClean.

Ergonomic Handle:

To ensure a powerful grip and maximize the hand capacity, Shark has used an ergonomic handle which ensures that your hand doesn’t hurt while cleaning for longer durations.

Like other vacuum brands, Shark doesn’t use a trigger mechanism. Instead, there is a switch on the top that shifts between on, off, and other modes.

Washable Filter System:

If you wish to increase the life of your vacuum cleaner, you need to clean it as well. The dirt, debris, and other particles that stick up on the filtration system will create a hindrance in housework and it won’t be effective as before.

Hence, Shark uses washable filters and recommends to wash them once a month to extend the life of your vacuum cleaner.

Easy –To – Empty Dust – Canister:

The bin capacity of Shark Rocket DuoClean is up to 0.25 gallons which means it can hold up to 1 dry quart. It can hold dirt up to five to six rooms but it depends on the frequency of vacuuming.

Moreover, you do not have to touch the dirt. It allows you to empty the dust cup with the push of a button. Being transparent you can also see if there are unnecessary things trapped in there.

It is less messy and convenient and you can also wash the cup if it gets too dirty.

Advanced Swivel Steering:

Who does not want a vacuum which they can easily move and steer around the house? To help you in this regard as well, Shark introduced another innovative feature, known as the Swivel Steering System.

Larger upright vacuums are difficult to steer. So, Shark identified the problem and solved it by inventing the vacuum that rotates with the twist of the wrist. This gets your work done swiftly and without physically picking up the machine and moving it from place to place.

The advanced swivel steering works best when you have to vacuum multiple rooms in less time.

Multiple Attachments:

This vacuum cleaner comes with some accessories that ensure precise cleaning. It includes a dusting brush, to dust off the dirt, 12-inch Crevice Tool, which helps to reach tough spots and low furniture like couches, A Pet Multi-tool which is invented to catch all the pet hair on any surface.

Last but not least a True-pet mini Motorized Brush that pulls away from the majority of fine pet hair around multiple surfaces.

Other Accessories:

Since this vacuum cleaner can convert into a hand cleaner and the top of this tool is heavy, it can’t stand on its own. This is why Shark includes a wall mount bracket that lets you hang the vacuum cleaner. It also covers less space in the house.

As this vacuum comes with attachments, there is a need to keep them in one place. So, there is storage space on the wand, where you can store a couple of attachments.

It also has LED lights, which is another favorite thing as it illuminates the cleaning path and the bright light becomes useful while hovering over darker furniture to detect dust, dirt, and debris which cannot be seen in natural light.



  • Long 30-foot power cord for extended length usage.
  • Easy to the empty dust bin.
  • Great for hardwood floors.
  • Lightweight and upright
Not So Good


  • Noisy and loud.
  • Doesn’t stand in an upright position
  • Tools don’t easily fit but require some pressure.
  • The smaller bin as compared to other brands.


Final Verdict

To sum up, Shark Rocket Duo is an amazing vacuum that caters to all the cleaning needs within the 200$-300$ range. Not only, the DuoClean technology is great but it also comes with multiple accessories that are meant to make your life easier.

If you are looking for a cleaner in this price range, do check out this one from the Shark Rocket range. Surely you wouldn’t regret it!

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